DUAL 570 Applied Comparative Linguistics: English - Target Language
3 hours. This course, taught in Target Language, examines the fundamental linguistic structures (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics) of English and Target Language. Topics include comparative and contrastive analysis of both languages, linguistic transfer, linguistic basis for literacy, and discourse analysis of English and Target Language.

DUAL 571 Parent and Community Involvement
1 hour. This course examines principles, research and applications that strengthen school and community relations to construct a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all students. Emphasis is on improving communication with Target Language families and considering parents as assets and partners in the education of their children.

DUAL 572 Sociolinguistics and Education
2 hours. This course, taught in Target Language, examines issues related to the interaction between language, society and school, with a particular focus on Target Language population in the United States. It emphasizes topics such as language policy, bilingual education, linguistic identity, language choice, and pedagogical use of Target Language in dual language classrooms. It also examines the socio-cultural and historical forces that affect cross-cultural interaction; including social injustice that Target Language populations have experienced.

DUAL 573 Biliteracy Instruction
3 hours. This course, taught in Target Language, focuses on current methods and materials for English - Target Language biliteracy instruction. Strategies used to teach reading and writing in the content area will be explored, and biliteracy teaching methods will be modeled and implemented. Emphasis is on biliteracy reading and writing trajectories, holistic bilingual assessment, bridging, and Target Language children's literature texts.

DUAL 576 Practicum: Dual Language
2 hours. This practicum will be completed in either a self-contained multiple subjects classroom or in a single subject content area classroom, in settings with dual language instruction. Candidates will complete a teacher performance assessment during this practicum. Candidates will complete a minimum of 90 hours of clinical practice in a dual language placement.