ESOL 570 Applied Eng Linguis:Oral & Lit
3 hours. Examines the fundamental elements, processes, and patterns of oral and written language for the teacher of English to speakers of other languages. Topics include phonetics, phonology, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, morphology, orthography and writing conventions, syntax, semantics, and discourse analysis. English is the primary focus of the course, with reference to other languages commonly spoken by students in Oregon classrooms.

ESOL 571 Second Lang Acquisition & Dev
2 hours. Examines various factors, concepts, and theories about first and second language acquisition processes and their interrelationships. The course also focuses on the application of this knowledge in ESOL classes for maximizing ESOL students' language development and academic achievement. Prerequisite or concurrent enrollment in EDFL 570.

ESOL 572 Intercultural Comm ESOL Cntxt
2 hours. Examines the diverse and dynamic role of culture in the ESOL students' language development and academic achievement. The course also emphasizes the application of this knowledge for instruction and the involvement of community and its resources for maximizing ESOL students' academic achievement. *Students who have successfully completed a Master of Arts in Teaching degree at George Fox University are not required to take ESOL 572 for this endorsement.

ESOL 573 Plan/Manage ESOL/Bil Curr/Inst
3 hours. Examines strategies for planning, managing, and teaching English as a second language and discipline-focused content to ESOL students. Emphasis is placed on curriculum, teaching, and learning approaches that accommodate a diverse population within the classroom. This course also focuses on strategies for collaborating with educators and community members in order to provide comprehensive, challenging educational opportunities for ESOL students.

ESOL 574 Assess ESOL Learning/Lang Prof
3 hours. Examines principles, issues, and approaches useful for assessing the English competencies of ESOL students. Emphases are placed on developing appropriate assessment tools for the ESOL classroom and on properly interpreting tests that are used for program placement.

ESOL 577 ESOL/Bilingual Practicum
2 hours. A supervised practicum in an approved school demonstrating knowledge and strategies developed in the ESOL/bilingual courses. Candidates set goals for professional growth in the English-language teaching field. Prerequisites: successful completion of all required ESOL/bilingual courses (or their equivalent).