Off-Campus Study

Students enrolled at George Fox University may enrich their learning experience and in some cases fulfill important requirements for their major or minor by participating in programs both in the U.S. and internationally. Each program has specific eligibility criteria that should be considered when application is made.

Semesters Abroad

George Fox University has approved a number of programs for students to study off-campus for a semester. These programs and the application process are noted in the university catalog. Students must have sophomore standing at the time of application for a semester off campus and must have been enrolled at George Fox University for a full academic year prior to participation.

Students must also be in good standing with the institution and must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 (3.50 for the Scholars' Semester in Oxford) to apply.

Consortium Visitor Program

George Fox University participates in the Christian College Consortium Exchange, which allows students to attend another member institution, thereby enriching disciplines where personnel and courses may be more limited at George Fox. Forms for application to the exchange program are available in the registrar’s office.

Concurrent Enrollment in Other Institutions

Students who desire to enroll in more than one institution at the same time cannot receive funding from two schools at once. Students may only receive financial aid from the school at which he or she expects to receive a degree, diploma or certificate. The degree-granting school is called the home institution while the other college at which the student is taking classes is the host.

International students must secure permission from the director of International Student Services before enrolling concurrently at another school.