Incomplete Grade Policy

Occasionally, extenuating circumstances (see criteria below) occur that prevent students from completing coursework during a given semester such as when a student incurs extended illness or unforeseeable circumstances that make it impossible to meet course requirements on time. In such occasions, a student may apply for an incomplete for the course.

Assigning an incomplete is at the discretion of the course instructor and is available for a maximum of one semester following the term in which the original course was offered (e.g., end of spring semester for a fall semester course). Additional time granted to complete course work will normally not exceed the amount of time lost due to the extenuating circumstances. Final approval or denial of the request is made by the registrar.

Incomplete Application

An incomplete grade request form is initiated with the course instructor. Application for an incomplete must be made prior to the end of the session in which the course was offered. Failure to apply for an incomplete prior to the end of the session will result in denial of the incomplete unless an academic petition is submitted and approved, allowing the incomplete based on circumstances that prevented filing the application within the stated deadline.

The instructor must indicate on the form the work to be completed, due date, and grade to be assigned if the work is not completed by the due date. An incomplete course not completed by the date indicated will be changed to the grade assigned on the incomplete form.

Incomplete grades are unavailable for courses in which the instructor has determined that the student must repeat course content (re-enrollment) in order to successfully complete the course. In such cases, students should instead consider withdrawal and subsequent reenrollment when the course is next offered. Withdrawal following the “last date to withdraw” for a course or term (see Adding/Dropping Classes) requires approval by academic petition.

Extenuating Circumstance Criteria

Extenuating circumstances for the purpose of granting additional time to complete coursework include death in the family, serious accident or illness resulting in an inability to attend class or do the required work, unusual circumstances surrounding the birth of a child, visa problems for international students, and similarly mitigating circumstances which could not have been prevented or anticipated by the student and were completely beyond his or her control.

Examples of situations that will not be considered extenuating include being too busy, employment demands, minor illness, and responsibilities from optional responsibilities.