Grading System

Semester grades, used to calculate both a semester grade point average (GPA) and cumulative GPA, are posted on the student's transcript and are available to the student two weeks following the close of each semester. The GPA is based on George Fox University credits only (credits transferred to George Fox are accepted without grade).

Semester grades are determined by the instructor's evaluation of the student's daily participation in class, performance on periodic tests, work on research papers and class projects, and achievement on final examinations. Grade points are assigned for each hour of credit earned according to the following system:

Letter Grade Meaning Points Per Semester Hour
        A  Superior 4.0
        A-   3.7
        B+   3.3
        B Good 3.0
        B-   2.7
        C+   2.3
        C Average 2.0
        C-   1.7
        D+   1.3
        D Passing but inferior 1.0
        F  Failing 0.0
       WF  Withdraw Failing 0.0

 Not computed in GPA
        P Pass
        NP No Pass
        I Incomplete
        W Withdraw
        X No grade reported by instructor
        AU Audit, no credit
        WAU Withdrawn Audit
        NAU Not Attended Audit

Plus (+) and minus (-) grades may be designated by a professor and will be entered on the transcript. Points will be calculated for the student's GPA accordingly.

Undergraduate Grading Criteria

Grades below D are universally unacceptable within undergraduate programs at the university. Grades below C- (but higher than F) will meet general education requirements. However, a minimum grade of C- is required for all undergraduate courses that function as prerequisites to insure that students have an adequate foundation for more advanced concepts. Students who do not attain the minimum grade of C- for a prerequisite course must retake the course for a higher grade before proceeding with additional courses.

Graduate Grading Criteria

Grades below C- are universally unacceptable within graduate programs at the university. Passing or acceptable grades vary by program. Individual program standards may be higher as specified in the university catalog.

Incomplete and Missing Grades

An Incomplete (I) grade is allowed as specified in the Incomplete Policy. An X grade indicates the instructor did not report a grade to the registrar's office.

Repeated Courses

With the exception of classes that are designed as repeatable for credit, students may receive credit only once for a class. Students may retake classes not repeatable for credit if they wish the credits and grade earned in the subsequent attempt to be counted instead of those originally earned. There is no limit to the repeat of courses in pursuit of a higher grade (notwithstanding suspension, academic holds, or other isues that would prevent registration).  When a class is repeated, both grades will appear on the student’s transcript but only the most recent grade will be applied to term and cumulative statistics.

Students who have completed two attempts of a non-repeatable course may not self-register for any additional attempts, but must request registration through the registrar’s office.

For Title IV federal aid, a student may retake any previously passed course a maximum of once per course. For this purpose, passed means any grade higher than an "F". The retaken course may be included in the student's enrollment status, and would count toward the student's eligibility for Title IV aid.

Once a degree or credential has been conferred, class grades as recorded are final and not eligible to be repeated.

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