Academic Warning, Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal for Undergraduate Students

Academic Warning

Whenever the GPA for a given semester is below 2.0, but the cumulative GPA is at or above the required minimum for satisfactory academic progress, the student receives an academic warning. This warning alerts the student to potential difficulties and to potential loss of financial aid eligibility. The student is encouraged to contact his or her academic advisor, who will assist in the development of improved study plans.

Academic Probation

A student is placed on academic probation when his or her cumulative GPA falls below the following standard: 1.7 (1-15 hours), 1.8 (16-31 hours), 1.9 (32-47 hours), and 2.0 thereafter. The standing of probation will be in effect for the subsequent semester with enrollment. The student is given one semester of probation to achieve the above standard, after which a student may be suspended. Beginning freshmen may be allowed up to three semesters of academic experience before being suspended. Students who are in their third calendar year and later may be given additional semesters of probation rather than suspension if they show a reasonable chance of meeting graduation standards.

For example, a student whose cumulative GPA at the end of spring semester falls below the defined standard would be assigned a standing of academic probation. If the student’s next term with enrollment is the following fall semester, the standing of probation would be in effect for the duration of the fall semester. At the end of fall, the student’s academic standing would be reevaluated. If the student’s cumulative GPA meets the defined standard, the student would return to good standing in the subsequent term with enrollment.

Academic Suspension

A student not making satisfactory academic progress may be suspended. The suspension will be in effect for the duration of the subsequent required semester. After one or more semesters have elapsed, the student may apply for readmission and, if admitted, reenter provisionally. The university may suspend any student who fails to earn a GPA of 1.0 during a semester, regardless of classification or number of hours completed.

Academic Dismissal

A student not making satisfactory academic progress may be dismissed from the university. Students who are dismissed may not apply for readmission to George Fox University. The university may dismiss any student who fails to earn a GPA of 1.0 during a semester, regardless of classification or number of hours completed.

Provisional Admission

A student who is readmitted after a suspension or admitted under the George Fox University Academic Success Program will enter with a probationary academic standing of Provisional Admission. The probation will be in effect for the duration of the student’s first semester after admission or readmission.

Probation and Academic Standing Appeals

Academic actions can be appealed to the Undergraduate Academic Standing Committee or appropriate university authorities. This committee may repeal suspensions of students not making satisfactory academic progress when it deems the failure to be due to exceptional circumstances and judges the student has a reasonable chance to meet graduation requirements. Appeals are taken to be good faith actions that request reexamination of academic decisions. Submissions must be in writing delivered to the Office of Academic Affairs. All appeals must be made within limited time frames depending upon the action being appealed. A successful academic appeal does not necessarily result in a reinstatement of financial aid eligibility. A student who has lost aid eligibility due to insufficient satisfactory academic progress and who is wishing to appeal to have his or her financial aid reinstated must do so through the Student Financial Services office.

Record of Academic Standing on Transcripts

Academic standings of Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal will be recorded permanently on a student’s official and unofficial transcripts, noted after the semester in which the standing was earned. Provisional Admission will appear on a student’s official and unofficial transcripts upon admission or readmission but will be removed from the transcript after the completion of one semester.