Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Eligibility

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is defined in the academic policy. Students must meet two standards of satisfactory academic progress to continue eligibility for federal student financial aid.

Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress

  1. Quality Standard

    A student must maintain the minimum grade point average (GPA) requirement. For undergraduate students, this standard requires a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for each term of attendance. A cumulative GPA less than 2.0 does not meet the quality standard. For graduate students, the standard is a 3.0 GPA.

  2. Quantity Standard

    A student must progress toward graduation requirements by satisfactorily completing at least 67 percent of the attempted credit hours (incremental progress) and not exceeding 150 percent of the program length (maximum time-frame). Students must also be able to maintain and complete their graduation requirements within the 150 percent time frame of the program at any time within the program (pace of progression). Quantitative standards are measured in credit hours. A student who fails to meet these criteria does not meet the quantity standard.

    Withdrawals and incompletes are considered attempted hours for financial aid purposes. Repeated courses are also considered as hours attempted. Please refer to the George Fox University "repeat coursework policy" for specifics on how many times a course can be repeated and be counted as eligible for financial aid. These hours, as well as credit hours transferred in, are included in the determination of "Satisfactory Academic Progress" for financial aid eligibility regardless of whether the student received aid while attempting those hours.

Warning & Appeal Process

Failure to meet either standard could result in a warning status. Students on "warning" who fail to meet one or both standards for a consecutive term will be on financial aid revoke status and not eligible for financial aid.

An appeal process is available for students who can document that extenuating circumstances impacted their ability to meet the standards. The appeal must include the reasons the student failed to meet progress and what has changed or what measures will be taken so that they can achieve progress during the next evaluation period.

Circumstances may include, but are not limited to, external factors that impacted their ability to study, health or family issues. Students who successfully appeal a financial aid revoke state will be placed on financial aid probation status. Students on probation will be assigned specific requirements to meet (academic plan) in order to remain eligible for financial aid during probation. Students failing those requirements will be revoked from financial aid.

Students meeting the probationary requirements will continue on probation until they meet or exceed both the quality and quantity standards outlined above. Students suspended from the university are also revoked from financial aid. If they are reinstated to the university, they must also appeal their financial aid revoke status to regain their financial aid eligibility.

Those students who successfully appeal a revoke status will be placed on probation. Appeals to regain financial aid eligibility are not automatically granted with the academic reinstatement to the university. Contact your financial aid counselor for information on the financial aid appeals process.

SAP revoke appeal form
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Terms and Definitions

Meets Progress: Meeting the minimum financial aid satisfactory academic progress standards.

Financial Aid Warning: Failing to meet one or both of the financial aid satisfactory academic progress standards.  Students on warning are warned about their status, but are allowed to receive financial aid.

Financial Aid Revoke: A student who has failed to meet the financial aid satisfactory academic progress standards for more than one term. Students on "revoke" are not allowed to receive financial aid.

Financial Aid Appeal: The process for a student to appeal the decision to revoke financial aid. The appeal will be submitted in writing to the financial aid office. The appeal must include why the student failed to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress and what has changed so that the student will be able to meet progress during the next evaluation period. 

Financial Aid Probation: A student who has successfully appealed a financial aid revoke status and now is on an individualized plan. A student on probation is eligible for financial aid and will continue to be considered on probation while they meet the requirements of their individual plan. Students who fail to meet the individual requirements will be considered to be on "Financial Aid Revoke" status. Students on probation who now are meeting the minimum financial aid satisfactory academic progress standards are considered as “Meets Progress.”