Alternative Credit

Course Challenge Programs

Students may reduce the number of required courses and add flexibility to their undergraduate years through one or more of the following programs.

Advanced Placement (AP)

College credit may be granted in several subject areas to the student who completes a college-level course in high school and receives a score of three or better through the Advanced Placement program sponsored by the College Entrance Examination Board. Students expecting advanced placement credit should request, at the time the test is taken, for scores to be sent to George Fox University.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The Educational Testing Service of the College Board provides nationally recognized standardized testing through which college credit may be earned or course proficiency verified. This is the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Testing through the CLEP General Examinations is designed to verify competency in general education. Tests may be taken in five areas for a maximum of 32 semester hours of credit. (General examinations are to be taken prior to the completion of the first semester of enrollment as a freshman at George Fox University.) Testing through the CLEP Subject Examinations provides verification of competency in selected academic fields such as foreign language and mathematics. These may be taken at any time (unless concurrently enrolled in an equivalent course) and assume competency has been gained in nonclassroom settings. 

Credit by Examination

Courses offered at George Fox University for which CLEP testing is not available may be challenged by examination at the discretion of the department. There is a test fee of $60 per examination. See the registrar for details.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

College credit may be granted in several subject areas to students who complete college-level work through the program. A minimum score of five is required on High Level examinations for credit consideration. Students must provide the registrar's office with a copy of the transcript to receive consideration. Credits awarded as a result of documentation will be accepted as transfer credit.

Proficiency Test

A student may fulfill general education and some program requirements or become eligible for registration in advanced courses by passing a proficiency test for the area involved. No fee is charged for proficiency testing, and credit is not granted. Typical academic areas for which proficiency tests are available are languages, music and physical education activity courses.

A placement test is generally required prior to registration for George Fox University modern language classes. Placement tests are generally given during new student orientation.

A student from a non-English-speaking nation may fulfill the language requirement by demonstrating proficiency in the English language.