CPAS 100 Effective College Learner
1 hour. A course related to the Academic Success Program through which personal confidence is enhanced by instruction in study skills, methods, and tools used by successful college students. It may be taken during the spring semester by students not in the Academic Success Program. Pass/No Pass.

CPAS 105 Individual Academic Coaching
1 hour. Students meet weekly with a success coach for support and accountability. Success coaches help students navigate academic, personal, family, and work responsibilities. The course includes review of weekly schedules, semester planning, and a meeting with the student’s CAP Coach and Faculty Advisor. Permission is required to enroll in the course. Pass/No Pass.

CPAS 111 Writing Portfolio Development
4 hours. This course is designed to help non-native speakers of English become proficient with college-level academic writing. Students must create and submit a passing writing portfolio, one component of the writing proficiency milestone.

CPAS 125 Academic English Development
1-3 hours. This course assists students in improving their academic English skills. Students concurrently enroll in a designated general education or disciplinary course, and the content, activities and assignments for that course provide the context for developing academic English skills including listening and reading comprehension, note taking, writing, vocabulary, speech and study skills. Prerequisite: Instructor’s permission. Corequisite: Enrollment in the designated general education course.

CPAS 130 Becoming a Master Student
1-3 hours. This course is designed to empower students to reach their academic goals. It introduces strategies, techniques, and self-management tools that research has shown contribute to educational success. Topics include academic goal setting, campus resources, use of technology, academic note-taking, test-taking strategies, and introduction to research skills necessary for university course work.

CPAS 214 Discover Your Calling
1 hour. This course promotes self-discovery and understanding in relationship to vocational calling, values, interests, strengths development and personality. Educational and occupational pathways are examined, with selecting a major and clarifying one's calling as the intended outcomes. Students will also be introduced to the importance of building a network, cultivating skills, and strategic academic planning. Prerequisite: freshman or sophomore status.

CPAS 216 Internship: Finding, Landing and Succeeding
1 hour. This course will help you to: identify a career direction, create a personal brand, build a professional network, write an effective resume and cover letter, create a LinkedIn profile that gets results, interview with confidence, create an internship search strategy, and succeed in your internship experience. Prerequisite: sophomore or junior status.

CPAS 285 Selected Topics
1-3 hours. A variety of topics may be offered to meet the special needs and interests of students, faculty or visiting professors.

CPAS 295 Academic Tutorial
1-3 hours. Students meet individually with a faculty member to improve their academic language skills and to develop more effective study strategies. Pass/No Pass.

CPAS 318 Navigating College to Career
1 hour. This course will focus on developing a personal and professional brand that expresses uniqueness, passion, and strengths to hiring managers. Navigating professional opportunities with important tools such as resume design, e-presence, networking, behavioral interviewing, and employer search and engagement strategies, along with identifying and creating professional goals will be emphasized. Students will participate in mock interviews with local recruiters. Prerequisite: junior or senior status.

CPAS 485 Selected Topics
1-3 hours. A variety of topics may be offered to meet the special needs and interests of students, faculty or visiting professors.

CPAS 495 Individualized Study
1-3 hours. Individualized study or supervised research in an area of special interest to the student which is outside the regular offerings of the major. Additional course fee (per credit) is required.