Language Studies (LANG) Courses

LANG 340 General and Cultural Linguistics
3 hours. Course is a study of the nature of verbal symbols as they function in communication. It covers phonetic transcription, semantics, modern grammatical theories, history of the English language and modern English dialects. (Identical COMM 340.)

LANG 343 Second Language Acquisition
3 hours. This course familiarizes students with linguistic, psychological, cognitive and socio-cultural aspects of second (or additional) language acquisition and related language acquisition theories. Students reflect on their own language learning and acquisition experiences in light of these theories and consider implications for the teaching and learning of additional languages. Offered every other year.

LANG 350 Introduction to TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
3 hours. This is an introduction to the theory and practice of teaching English (or any language) to non-native speakers. Topics include principles of language teaching, communicative and interactive approaches, teaching methods and techniques for improving different language skills, lesson planning, materials selection and adaptation, testing, cultural issues, teaching English as Christian witness, and working with English-as-a-second-language students in a mainstream class. Students relate theory to practice in a school- or community-based practicum.