Juniors Abroad

In order to enrich the intercultural and international awareness of our campus community, George Fox University offers a transportation-subsidized overseas course of approximately three weeks to any junior student who has fulfilled the following requirements. These tours occur during the annual May Term. Detailed information about eligibility and specific study tours is available from the director of Juniors Abroad.


The student who successfully participates in Juniors Abroad will:

  1. Experience cross-cultural learning opportunities in cultures distinctly different from their own;
  2. Interact with the host culture through informal and formal contacts;
  3. Experience what it means to be a cultural "minority";
  4. Understand how to participate responsibly in a diverse global community;
  5. Learn, through the study of disciplines such as the fine arts, language, science, architecture, or history, how various social institutions affect the host culture.


  1. Students must have maintained three consecutive years of full-time enrollment. Transfer students who have been at George Fox for less than three years are eligible to participate in Juniors Abroad, but their university subsidy (described in #4 below) will be reduced based on the number of semesters they have been enrolled.
  2. Students must register for either GEED 355 Cross-Cultural Experience-Domestic or GEED 365 Cross Cultural Experience-International and either GEED 455 or GEED 465.
  3. Tuition costs of this course can be included as part of block tuition for the spring semester preceding the May Study-tour. Students will be billed for whatever credits exceed the 18 credit-hour block tuition limit.
  4. For the typical Juniors Abroad study-tour, the university will pay approximately one-half of the total cost for eligible students. All transportation and accommodations are arranged by the University. Cost will vary according to location of the study tour.
  5. Students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 at the end of the fall semester preceding the May study-tour.
  6. Lifestyle violations, as reported by the Office of Student Life, may affect a student’s eligibility to participate (see Standards of Conduct).
  7. Students must obtain approval from the Health and Counseling Center before final approval will be given for a specific study-tour.
  8. The University reserves the right to disallow a student from participation if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the student or the study-tour group.
  9. Students must intend to return and graduate from George Fox University.
  10. Student accounts must be current as of Feb. 15 the year of the tour.
  11. The university reserves the right to withdraw from this program and commitment prior to fall registration in any year. Students already registered under the program are guaranteed the study-tour.
  12. In the event of an international monetary, military, or other crisis, the university reserves the right to cancel or postpone a study-tour or to make substitute arrangements.
  13. The university does not obligate itself to alternative remuneration to students who cannot go, who decide not to go, or who are ineligible to go on a Juniors Abroad study-tour.