Semesters Off Campus: Course Disciplines

The following course disciplines are used by George Fox University to record coursework completed by students at approved programs:

Course Prefix Semester Off-Campus Program
CONS Christian College Consortium Exchange Program
XAMB Germany AMBEX Program
XAMS American Studies Program (Washington, D.C.)
XCMC Contemporary Music Center (Nashville, TN)
XFSD Semester in Dijon, France CIEF
XGEA Go ED. Africa Program (Rwanda)
XGEM Go ED. Mekong, Thailand Program
XLAF Los Angeles Film Stdies Center
XLLE Living and Learning in Quito, Ecuador Program
XLTH Study Abroad at LCC International University
XMES Middle East Studies Program
XNIS Northern Ireland Semester
XORV Gordon in Orvieto Program, Italy
XORX Oregon Extension (Houghton College)
XOXF Scholars’ Semester in Oxford, England
XRMS Romania Studies Program
XSAL University of Salamanca, Spain
XSSP Semester in Senegal Program
XTRY Semester in Spain Program
XUGS Uganda Studies Program
XVBR Veritas in Florianopolis, Brazil
XVCH Veritas in Valparaiso, Chile
XVCR Veritas in San Jose, Costa Rica
XVCZ Veritas in Prague, Czech Republic
XVEN Veritas in London, England
XVFR Veritas in Paris, France
XVIT Veritas in Rome, Italy
XVPR Veritas in Cusco, Peru
XVSA Veritas in Cape Town, South Africa
XVSC Veritas in Scotland
XVSK Veritas in Seoul, South Korea
XVSP Veritas in Sevilla, Spain