Baltimore, Maryland (L&L)

Living and Learning in Baltimore


Program Overview
George Fox University students may apply to study in Baltimore, Maryland for one semester in the Living and Learning program. This is a new program beginning in the Spring of 2022. Living and Learning is a study abroad program designed for college students who desire to grow in their ability to integrate Life and learning. The Baltimore Urban Studies (BUS) is a "study away," experiential learning program, designed to teach, mentor, and train college students in spiritual formation and public health while providing urban global health internships.

Christian Theology: Personal and Social Transformation - 4 credits
Justice and Bioethics - 4 credits
Medical Spanish - 2-4 credits
Psychology Elective: HIV Applied Principles of Community Psychology - 3 credits
History of Baltimore - 3 credits
The Holy Spirit and Ministry - 3 credits
Urban Healthcare Practicum - 4 credits
Global and Urban Nutrition with Laboratory - 4 credits
Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Practices in the Urban Context - 2 credits
Global and Urban Epidemiology with Laboratory - 4 credits
New Testament Survey - 3 credits
Microbiology with Laboratory - 3 credits

The program will hold a balance of group excursions as well as free time for the students to complete homework assignments and explore Baltimore and Washington D.C. on their own. There will be a Group excursion in Washington D.C. that will include a public health and social justice Field Learning experience, an overnight stay at a hotel, and a free day for sightseeing and touring museums.

Program Fees
Students pay their regular George Fox tuition and room and aboard and continue to receive all of their financial aid. Due to the high cost of some programs an additional fee may be charged.  The student is responsible for round trip airfare.  There also may be an additional charge for a visa. The fee does include emergency travel insurance.

The student will fill out two applications:
• George Fox off-campus application
The Living and Learning application should only be completed after being informed from the Director of Study Abroad that you are accepted for an off-campus study semester.
• Living and Learning

Students must be full-time undergraduates with junior or senior status, holding a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher to apply.

Oncampus housing.

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