Help others as a professional counselor

George Fox’s Master of Arts in Counseling Program prepares students to work with clients of all ages, either individually or in groups. Our graduates work in a variety of settings – including private, institutional, community, Christian and cross-cultural – and find employment in profit and nonprofit organizations, hospitals and private practice.

Graduates are prepared to sit for the national licensure exam to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Oregon. Our curriculum is shaped by a commitment to an integrated understanding of the Christian faith and mental health.

Our objective is for students to:

  • Understand persons as having physiological, psychological, relational and spiritual needs
  • Understand and articulate the core dynamics of counseling in concert with sound theological principles
  • Acquire, refine and demonstrate appropriate psychotherapeutic skills used in working with individuals and groups

What our program offers:

  • Courses taught from a systemic perspective
  • Opportunities to interact with students who are pursuing other mental health professions
  • An environment that encourages the integration of faith and learning
  • Full time, accessible, widely trained faculty
  • Flexible schedules that work for adults
  • Two-, three-, and four-year program options
  • Convenient Portland Center and Salem Center locations

The program is generally two to four years in length with 56 semester hours of course work required as a minimum for graduation.

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