Grants Administration

Applying for a Grant as a George Fox Employee: Process & Procedures

The Office of Grants Administration is responsible for all grant transactions on behalf of George Fox and its employees. The office will maintain and revise this process as necessary.

Research & Plan Your Grant Idea

Step 1

Before reaching out to Grants Administration, do your due diligence in thinking through your project or program, your funding needs, and the appropriate funding organization. Consider the time commitment of the grant, the best person to lead, and whether it aligns with George Fox’s and your department’s broader priorities. Visit the website for the grant-maker and research their grant process. Grants can be very time-consuming, so plan accordingly.

Step 2

Once you have gathered enough information, approach your dean (or highest supervisor of your department/area) and make sure that he or she approves of your idea and devoting time and resources to this grant. It is recommended that you get his or her approval in writing for your records. Ensure that you are cognizant of the deadline for the first step of the grant, whether it be a simple letter of inquiry or a full proposal.

Step 3

Once your dean (or highest supervisor) has approved of you developing the grant, fill out the George Fox Grant Proposal Approval Request Form online. This is your opportunity to outline your grant development plans for the Grants Administration office. If you have any questions about the form, reach out to Tai Harden-Moore, director of Grants Administration, at or ext. 2132.

Step 4

The Grants Administration office reviews the form for any conflicts with university priorities or fundraising efforts in process. Grants Administration acknowledges receipt of the request in email and CC's the appropriate dean.

Step 5

Grants Administration circulates the grant form with the vice president for University Advancement, the director of development, the associate provost for professional programs, and the Finance office so they are aware of the grant development and can voice any initial suggestions or concerns and give approval to apply. Note: These entities may require that you delay or cease the grant development process should it conflict with university priorities.

Step 6

Employee stays in touch with his or her dean and with Grants Administration throughout the development process. The employee is responsible for writing the proposal or letter with input/help from Grants Administration. The Office of Grants Administration must receive a final draft of the grant proposal to edit prior to submission to the funder. (Grants Administration’s level of involvement in any project depends on university priorities, but at minimum, the office must always remain informed and receive a copy of all major documents.)

Approval and Submission

Step 7

Faculty submits the final grant proposal to the funder after receiving feedback/revisions from Grants Administration. The employee is not to submit the grant proposal independently without consulting Grants Administration and receiving approval.

Step 8

Faculty will keep Grants Administration abreast of any developments and acceptance or denial of grant proposal by funding organization.

Award Administration

Step 9

Often a funding organization will send a “grant agreement” form that outlines the university’s financial responsibility in accepting the grant. Grants Administration is responsible for circulating any grant contracts with the appropriate approvers (e.g. COO, president, etc.).

Step 10

Organizations will send a check to Advancement for processing. If the check is mistakenly sent elsewhere on campus, you must redirect it to the Advancement office: Box #6256. (Advancement coordinates with Finance to distribute funds/establish appropriate accounting string). Advancement notifies the department when an award arrives and funds are available.

Step 11

Grants Administration develops a thank you letter to the organization that is signed by the president.

Step 12

Grants Administration tracks any reporting requirements and stays in touch with employee on needed information for reports, budget adjustments (in partnership with Finance), and any other follow-up with the organization. The employee will typically provide this information, but Grants Administration will facilitate the requirements and submission.

Note: The grant follow-up process is vital and is how the university maintains our relationships with funders for this and future awards; it is required that you are responsive to all administrative requests following receipt of the award. Failure to do so may affect your ability to request future grants.

This is an outline of how the grant process typically progresses. Funding organizations have different procedures and the complexity of their application processes vary greatly. Approach Grants Administration with any questions by contacting Tai Harden-Moore at or ext. 2132.

If you believe that your grant award may be newsworthy, please consult with Marketing Communications about internal or external promotion by contacting Rob Felton at


Tai Harden-Moore

Tai Harden-Moore

Director of Grants Administration


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