2023-24 Student Body Diversity Data

Following are breakdowns of enrolled full-time students by gender, Federal Pell Grant recipient status, and race/ethnicity.


Gender Percentage
Female 60.5%
Male 38.8%
Unspecified 0.1%

Federal Pell Grant Recipients

According to studentaid.gov, "Federal Pell Grants usually are awarded only to undergraduate students who display exceptional financial need and have not earned a bachelor's, graduate, or professional degree."

21.4% of enrolled full-time students at George Fox University were federal Pell Grant recipients in 2023-24.

Race & Ethnicity

Race/Ethnicity Percentage
White 67.2%
Hispanic 14.5%
Two or more races 7.4%
Asian 5.5%
Unknown Race and Ethnicity 2%
Black or African American 1.6%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.8%
American Indian or Alaskan Native 0.4%
Nonresident Alien 0.1%