Tuition & Financial Aid

College is always an investment, but it’s important to note that our education degree completion program is offered at a discounted rate.

In fact, at only $499 per credit hour, you will pay less than half of what a traditional undergraduate pays!

Cost per Credit Hour

Education Degree Completion


Traditional Undergraduate


It’s fair to expect your total cost will be between $29,940 and $35,928, depending on the number of credits you transfer in.

Students typically pay for tuition through loans, external grants, and scholarships. We also offer flexible payment plans for each term. Details about filing the FAFSA and finding loans can be found on the Financial Aid page for adult degree students. Once admitted, your financial aid counselor will be a great resource and partner for navigating the financial aid process.

Federal & State Grant Programs

Federal Pell Grant

This grant is funded by the federal government. Funds are awarded to high-financial-need students based on a student's Expected Family Contribution. Eligibility for the Pell Grant is set by the Department of Education.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

This grant is a limited fund awarded to high-financial-need students who file the FAFSA. Eligibility standards are set by the Department of Education and awarded by the university.

More information on federal grants is available at

Oregon Opportunity Grant

This grant program is a limited fund through the State of Oregon (OSAC). The grant is awarded to:

Visit this Oregon student aid page to learn more. Note: OSAC will notify colleges of eligible students beginning in March

teacher grant

TEACH Grant (Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education)

This grant program provides up to $4,000 per year to eligible students. To be eligible, students each year must:

The TEACH Grant does not have to be repaid unless the student fails to carry out service obligations:

If a student fails to complete the requirements, they must repay the TEACH Grant as a Direct Unsubsidized Loan with interest accrued from the date the grant was disbursed.

Get more information or apply for a TEACH Grant  

DACA student in class

DACA Scholarships

We are aware that there are limitations to the federal financial aid available to DACA students, but we have had many students in this position successfully enroll in and graduate from our program with the help of private scholarships. In addition to the scholarships above, we recommend looking into the following state and national scholarships which are open to DREAMers:

Additional Scholarships and Grants

We recommend that you start looking for external scholarships to help pay for tuition as early as possible, but we want to partner with you along the way. There are many scholarship opportunities for students from sources outside George Fox University. Visit our Outside Scholarships Page for more information on finding outside aid to help pay for school, and see below for some of the scholarships our students have received in the past.

Note: Students should never pay a fee in order to apply for a scholarship.

Scholarships we encourage students to explore:

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online through the FAFSA website. Completion of this form determines your financial need and allows our office to award many forms of financial aid. You will need to know George Fox University's Title IV school code: 003194.

Although the FAFSA is online, Student Financial Services staff will be happy to assist you in the process and answer questions you may have about it.

Call 800-765-4369, ext. 2302, or email us at .


We're here to help!

We are committed to helping you in your effort to meet college costs. Financial aid options are available to qualifying students and can be explored by visiting the Financial Aid website.

Student Financial Services is able to answer questions related to:

George Fox University is required to make cost of attendance (COA) information publicly available on this website.