Leading Learning Concentration

Refine Your Leadership Style

At George Fox, we believe teachers, lead teachers, instructional specialists, instructional coaches and mentors are leaders. We recognize the importance of your role, and we’re excited about helping you prepare for the many facets of informal and formal leadership.

The leading learning concentration allows you to draw course work from our administrative, IDD, ESOL, reading and special education programs. It’s time to add greater definition to your leadership style.

Leading Learning Concentration: Who It’s For

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The leading learning concentration within our doctor of education program is designed for individuals seeking a terminal degree with specific content preparation. It’s primarily intended for:

If you’re a P-20 teacher leader seeking a terminal degree in educational leadership, a faculty member at a community college or public/private college or university, or associated with P-20 governmental agencies or nonprofits, check out our instructional design and development concentration .


Upon completion of the leading learning concentration, you’ll be able to:

  • Evaluate current research on the curricular theory and instructional design in specific content fields to make sound instructional decision
  • Create effective learning environments using research-based teaching strategies that engage and support diverse learners
  • Equip and support adult learners, such as teachers and staff, to better serve diverse learners in the school environment
  • Demonstrate leadership that promotes equitable policies, procedures, and systems that enhance learning within P-12 schools and districts

Transfer Credits

You can transfer in up to 18 hours earned at the post-master’s level in programs at George Fox or other university programs. The hours will be examined and approved based on individual file reviews. 

Transcripted credit must be through an accredited college/university or earned as part of a recognized and approved program of study related to education and leadership (teaching endorsements, National Board Certification, etc.).

Curriculum Sequence

As a student in the leading learning concentration, you’ll take courses that are part of the doctoral core sequence. There is no specific curriculum sequence for this concentration.


Kipp Wilfong

Kipp Wilfong

Admissions Counselor, Graduate Education Programs