English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Endorsement

ESOL teaching endorsement at George Fox University

Prepare to teach non-native speakers

The ESOL endorsement program is designed to prepare teachers to provide classroom instruction to elementary or secondary students that are non-native speakers. The ESOL program is fully online. The endorsement is intended as an add-on endorsement to an existing license and can be completed in 1 to 2 years depending upon the number of courses taken by the student.

The endorsement can be obtained in these ways:

ESOL Endorsement Requirements

To meet the approved program for an ESOL endorsement at George Fox University, the student must complete a minimum of 15 semester hours of graduate subject matter distributed to strengthen the applicant's background in ESOL including an ESOL Practicum at two of the licensure authorization levels.

In addition to the course requirements, the candidate must also successfully complete the ORELA: ESOL Exam in order to be recommended for the endorsement. The course work for this specialty has been designed to provide a broad base of understanding about successful ESOL methods, programs and assessments, but also to prepare the individual to successfully complete the ESOL Exam.

ESOL Endorsement (15 hours)

ESOL/Bilingual Courses (13 hours)
ESOL 570 Applied English Linguistics: Oral and Literacy Focus (3 hours)
ESOL 571 Second Language Acquisition and Development (2 hours)
ESOL 572 Intercultural Communication in the ESOL/Bilingual Context (2 hours)
ESOL 573 Planning and Managing ESOL/Bilingual Curriculum and Instruction (3 hours)
ESOL 574 Assessing ESOL/Bilingual Student Learning and Language Proficiency (3 hours)

ESOL Practicum (2 hours)
ESOL 5XX ESOL/Bilingual Practicum 

Enrollment in either practicum requires successful completion of ESOL coursework, and an application to the ESOL advisor the semester prior to the practicum. 

Students can add the bilingual category to the ESOL Endorsement by showing competency in a second language approved by TSPC.

Contact Information:

Tatiana Cevallos Program Contact:
Tatiana Cevallos, EdD
Director, ESOL Endorsement Program
Email: tcevallos@georgefox.edu

Kipp Wilfong Admission Information:
Kipp Wilfong
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 503-554-6027
Email: kwilfong@georgefox.edu

ESOL Endorsement

Program length 10-16 months (depends on student pacing preferences)
Credit hours 15
Cost per credit hour $684* (financial aid available for degree seekers)
Tuition cost for entire program $10,260*
Accreditation National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)
Format Online

*All stated financial information is subject to change.

NCATE Accredited