This issue: Summer 2016

George Fox, Newberg Ranked Highly for Safety

Bruin Notes

Downtown Newberg

Safety is a significant concern on college campuses across the country. Fortunately, parents of George Fox University students can rest a little easier knowing that the city and campus it calls home have been named among the safest places to live – not once, but three times.

First, home security review website SafeWise ranked the area the fifth-safest place in Oregon, based on FBI Crime Report statistics. Not to be outdone, public safety organization listed Newberg as the fourth-safest city in the state, based on FBI violent crime data, internal research, and analysis of social media and language.   

On a broader scale, well-known college rankings website named the George Fox campus the 38th safest in the nation, taking into account factors like campus crime rate, local crime rate and student surveys.

While the accolades are nice, it hasn’t stopped the university from implementing a complete emergency response plan that incorporates campus-wide communication, employee training and building-specific preparation for of a variety of emergency scenarios. 

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