This issue: Summer 2019

Life Events

Alumni Connections

Just Married

Marion Comfort (n51) and Donna (Wilhite) Coleman (G65), Sept. 8, 2018, in Newberg.

Philip Smith (G77) and Sarah Link, Dec. 29, 2018, in Newberg.

Stephen James (G86) and Marsha Glinski, Sept. 29, 2017, in Wailea, Hawaii. 

Paul Stoltzfus (PsyD95) and Clara Schrock, June 24, 2018, in Columbus, Ohio. 

Mark Hovee (PsyD97) and Wenfang Zhu, Aug. 10, 2018, in Marana, Arizona.

Bree Stairs (G01) and Erik Young, July 16, 2017, in Neskowin, Oregon. 

Jennifer Whiteacre (G01) and David Moore, July 21, 2018, in Hamilton, Massachusetts. 

Berenice Hitchman (ADP04) and Dan McGarthy, Sept. 8, 2018, in Meridian, Idaho. 

Peter Jackman (G08) and Sharley Schreiner, March 3, 2018, in Woodland Park, Colorado.

James Wolfer (G08) and Nicole Bailey, Aug. 26, 2017, in Bend, Oregon. 

LeAnn Dolly-Powell (ADP09) and Brett Naillon, Oct. 14, 2017, in McCall, Idaho. 

Anna Moreshead (G09) and Brad Schmitt, Sept. 14, 2018, in Poipu, Hawaii.

Lauren Kewley (G10) and David Creel, June 17, 2018, in Los Angeles. 

Sarah Wilmot (G11, MA14) and Matthew Davies, Dec. 28, 2018, in Oregon City, Oregon.

Jacob Baker (G13, MAT16) and Erin Moriki (G13), July 15, 2018, in Dundee, Oregon.   

Erin Hento (G14) and Bryan Gima-Derrow, July 28, 2018, in Snohomish, Washington. 

David Shin (G14) and Natalie Schaumann, Oct. 6, 2017, in Newberg. 

Sterling Smith (G14) and Jessica Rivera (G16), July 30, 2017, in Oregon City, Oregon. 

Nolan Staples (G14) and Natalie Koskela, July 6, 2018, in St. Paul, Oregon. 

Jessica Adrian (G15) and Luke Hammer (G15, DPT18), Aug. 5, 2018, in Canby, Oregon.

Jacob Flaherty (n15) and Catherine Ng (G17), May 19, 2018, in Eugene, Oregon.

Mackenzie Green (MAT17) and Andrew Wroblewski, June 30, 2018, in Dallas, Oregon. 

Ashley Geissler (G16) and Ryan Lackey (G16), Dec. 28, 2017, in Chehalis, Washington.

Ashley Mitton (G16) and Brenn Borror (G17), July 2, 2018, in Littleton, Colorado. 

Austin Adams (G17) and Megan Dwier (G18), May 3, 2018, in Independence, Oregon. 

Emylina Burunov (G17) and Mark Boettcher (G18), Sept. 1, 2018, in Vancouver, Washington. 

Lauren Gilham (G17) and Michael Morikawa (G17), June 16, 2018, in Onalaska, Washington. 

Emily Klockner (G18) and Nikolas Tripp (G17), Sept. 22, 2018, in Portland. 

John Koch (G17) and Kylie Weatherford (G17), Aug. 18, 2018, in Arlington, Oregon.

Derek Richwine (G17, MAT19) and Brooke Bolen, Sept. 21, 2018, in Union, Oregon. 

McKenzie Schaffer (G17) and Dalton Hamburg, Sept. 13, 2018, in Oregon City, Oregon. 

Larisa (Shkopu) Sidorov (G17) and Paul Sidorov, Oct. 21, 2017, in Milwaukie, Oregon. 

Emily Olson (G18) and Noah Warila (G18), July 15, 2018, in Milwaukie, Oregon. 

Austin Wischhoefer (G18) and Olivia Antony, June 2, 2018, in Salem, Oregon.

Emilee Kamps (G16) and Cody Stacy, Oct. 13, 2018, in Bellingham, Washington.

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Baby Bruins

Keller Thomas Sarah (Bowder) Kolodge (G99) and Tommy Kolodge (G99), a boy, Keller Thomas, Aug. 8, 2017, in Newberg.

Claire Cummings Carrie (Sutton) Cummings (G00) and Alex Cummings, a girl, Claire Athena, June 23, 2017, in Topeka, Kansas.

Anton Alan Helena (Telfer) Christiansen (G03) and Keith Christiansen (G03), a boy, Anton Alan, Jan. 9, 2018, in Hood River, Oregon.

Fia Renee Mindy (Venable) Hammond (G03) and Chris Hammond (G08), a girl, Fia Renee, April 9, 2019, in Portland.

Camille Ralph Janelle (Goeres) Ralph (G04) and Benjamin Ralph, a girl, Camille Lynn, Sept. 23, 2018, in Sams Valley, Oregon.

Elisabeth (Mehl) Greene (G05) and Samuel Greene (G05), a girl, Aurelia Isabel, Nov. 19, 2018, in Leesburg, Virginia.

Alexis (Piersma) Heinrichs (G05, MEd09) and Bradley Heinrichs, a girl, Lilyana Sue, Jan. 24, 2018, in Newberg.

Ashley (Emerick) Christensen (n06) and Brandon Christensen, a boy, Jett Weston, Aug. 31, 2018, in Richland, Washington. 

Eva Blythe Kara (Rasmussen) Davis (G06) and Michael Davis, a girl, Eva Blythe, May 15, 2018, in Baker City, Oregon. 

Killian Robert Charyse Appledoorn Hill (G06) and Joshua Hill, a boy, Killian Robert, July 29, 2017, in Salem, Oregon. 

Ethan Patrick Eliza (Morain) Knieriemen (G06) and John Knieriemen, a boy, Ethan Patrick, Oct. 15, 2017, in Dallas, Texas.

Lydia Knox Lindsay (Peterson) Knox (G06) and Kelly Knox, a girl, Lydia Karen, Jan. 19, 2018, in Tualatin, Oregon.

Ronan Moore Danae (Dougherty) Moore (G06) and John Moore, a boy, Ronan Douglas, Aug. 3, 2018, in Newberg.

Wright Orton Heather (Spencer) Orton (G06) and Trevor Orton (G08), a boy, Wright Ellis, July 26, 2018, in Portland.

Michelle Livingston-Dickson (G07, MAT08) and Timothy Dickson, a girl, Rachel Weil, Feb. 26, 2018, in Sydney, Australia.

Dania (Salgado) Behrens (G08) and Tyler Behrens, a boy, Moses Milo, June 13, 2018, in Beaverton, Oregon.

Flynn Quincy Gretchen (Bail) Cooper (G08) and Cory Cooper, a boy, Flynn Quincy, March 12, 2018, in Spokane, Washington. 

Andrea (Dooley) Fletcher (G09) and Luke Fletcher (G09), a boy, Abraham Martin, June 25, 2017, in Houston, Texas.

Danielle (Morford) Newkirk (G09) and Corbin Newkirk (G11), twin girls, Hazel Lynn and Eliza Louise, Oct. 16, 2018, in Clackamas, Oregon.

Heidi (Bail) Brown (G10) and Christopher Brown, a girl, Lucy May, April 27, 2018, in Oregon City, Oregon.

James Bryon Thomas Jasmine Holliday-Hairgrove (G10) and Ross Hairgrove, a boy, James Byron Thomas, March 20, 2018, in Austin, Texas.

Ada Evelyn Christina (Voigt) LeBlanc (G10) and Brian LeBlanc, a girl, Ada Evelyn, Feb. 12, 2018, in New York City. 

Sarah (Crossfield) Webb (G10, MAT12) and Jesse Webb, a boy, Elias Theodore, Sept. 23, 2018, in Palmer, Alaska.

Charlotte Vera Samantha (Skillman) Carr (G11) and Brent Carr, a girl, Charlotte Vera, Feb. 2, 2018, in Newberg.

Kyle Shepard-Kiser (G11) and Lydia Shepard-Kiser (G11, MA15), a boy, Everett James, Feb. 12, 2019, in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Ali (Lefebvre) Toedtemeier (G11, MA16) and Travis Toedtemeier (G10), a boy, Noah Dean, Sept. 9, 2018, in Newberg.

Kaitlin (Christiansen) Wade (G11) and Matt Wade, a girl, Yvette Ann Marie, March 22, 2018, in Portland.

Samantha Ashley Patrick Agamata (G12) and Elaine Agamata, a girl, Samantha Ashley, Aug. 21, 2018, in Portland.

Breanna (Nix) Bogar (G12) and Zachary Bogar, a girl, Camilla Rae, Jan. 1, 2018, in Yakima, Washington.

Everett Joy Amanda (Grandon) Fink (G12) and Arthur Fink, a girl, Everett Joy, Aug. 10, 2018, in Tacoma, Washington.

Jacqueline (Pickett) Lai (G12) and Gregory Lai, a boy, Oliver Ryder, Sept. 24, 2018, in Bethesda, Maryland.

Oliver Dolan Christine Dolan (G14) and Willy Dolan (G14), a boy, Oliver Jack, April 24, 2018, in Clackamas, Oregon.

Paxon Voncent Lauren (Pena) Dykstra (G14) and Nathaniel Dykstra (G15), a boy, Paxton Vincent, Nov. 4, 2018, in Hopkins, Minnesota.

Caroline (Hudson) Jovanovich (G14) and Peter Jovanovich (G16), a girl, Paisley LouEllen, June 11, 2018, in Seattle.

Latosha (Clem) Akana (G15) and Kolton Akana, a girl, Kalani Sue, Sept. 24, 2018, in Yreka, California.

Wonsil Sayson (G16) and John Sayson, a boy, Sion Lee, Jan. 1, 2017, in Clackamas, Oregon, and a boy, Johan Robert, Feb. 23, 2019, in Clackamas, Oregon.

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In Memory

Geraldine (Tharrington) Willcuts (n45), Jan. 14, 2019, in Newberg.

Ardys (Gossard) Roberts Alteneder (n46), March 31, 2019, in Newberg.

Roger Minthorne (G47), March 10, 2019, in Newberg. 

Leona (Harmon) Lyda (G49), Dec. 2, 2018, in Boise, Idaho.

Floyd Watson (G49), May 27, 2019, in Newberg.

Derrol Hockett (G50), May 3, 2019, in Newberg.

Lois (Clark) Smith (G50), Oct. 15, 2018, in Newberg. 

Glen Mills (n51), Jan. 12, 2019, in Newberg. 

J.D. Baker (n52), Nov. 28, 2018, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. 

Bethlin (Judd) Harmon (G52), May 31, 2019, in Newberg.

Frank Starkey (G52), March 7, 2018, in San Luis Obispo, California. 

Ralph Beebe (G54), May 27, 2019, in Newberg.

Lucille (Lewis) Brown (G54), Nov. 13, 2018, in Newberg. 

Patricia (Keppinger) DeLapp (n54), Jan. 17, 2019, in Salem, Oregon.

Yvonne (Hubbard) Carr (G55), March 22, 2019, in Chandler, Arizona. 

Roland Hartley (G56), Jan. 22, 2019, in Sherwood, Oregon.

Joyce (Hester) Gloeckler (G58), Sept. 8, 2018, in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Richard (Dick) Mott (G58), Feb. 9, 2019, in Paonia, Colorado.

Paul Morse (G59), Oct. 16, 2018, in Newberg. 

Annie (Longstroth) Tycksen (n59), Oct. 13, 2018, in Newberg.

Duane Fodge (n62), Aug. 14, 2018, in Newberg.

Robert (Bob) Johnson (G63), March 26, 2019, in Newberg.   

Dean Dormandy, (PS64), Aug. 21, 2018, in Fruitland, Idaho.

Larry Craven (G69), March 22, 2019, in Portland. 

William (Bill) Curtright (G71), March 6, 2019, in Turner, Oregon. 

Alda (Johnson) Clarkson (G73), June 7, 2018, in Newberg.   

LaVern (Roy) Muhr (n75), Oct. 10, 2018, in Woodburn, Oregon.

Douglas Wilhite (n82), Oct. 15, 2018, in Eagle Creek, Oregon.

Lynn Ford (G82, PS84), July 22, 2018, in Woodland, Washington. 

Lori (Perry) Anderson (G86), Feb. 5, 2019, in Brea, California.   

Susan McDowell (G95, MA99), April 16, 2018, in Salt Lake City.

Lisa (Shafer) Backman (G03), Nov. 18, 2018, in Dundee, Oregon.

Michael Duckett (n10), Feb. 16, 2019, in Boca Raton, Florida. 

Dylan Givargiznia (n17), Nov. 16, 2018, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Gerry Clark (n18), Feb. 19, 2019, in Denver. 

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