This issue: Summer 2019

Mark McLeod-Harrison: 20 years

Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus 1999-2019

The classroom has proven to be a place of lighthearted discussions, laughter and some pain for Mark McLeod-Harrison, who leaves the university this summer after 20 years as a professor of philosophy.

Classes such as Philosophy of Art were among his favorites. “Art is just weird – and terrific – and no one agrees about what it is, so it makes for fun discussions,” he says. “My students have often inspired me with their questions, their answers, and their humor. That keeps one alive in the classroom.”

Conversely, McLeod-Harrison has experienced heartbreak. One of the most profound moments in his career came after one of his students, J.J. Avery, died in a car accident. “His father found one of J.J.’s papers on his computer after the accident and sent it along to me,” he recalls. “The course was on mysticism, and J.J.’s final sentence was, ‘But we’ll have to wait until we die to find out.’”

McLeod-Harrison may be retiring from George Fox, but he plans to continue working on special projects. He’s uncertain if he’ll remain in the area. “We may move to Canada – or someplace sunnier,” he laughs. “We’ll see.”

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