Web and Digital Communications

The university's website is a collaborative effort between Marketing Communications and web editors who maintain their department websites.

Marketing's Role

  • Oversees content and design for entire site
  • Manages architecture/navigation of the main site and assists web editors with department site architecture
  • Edits copy as needed for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Provides or assists with photos/icons/imagery
  • Creates website templates
  • Periodically reviews department sites to ensure compliance with UP brand guidelines and to address accessibility compliance 

Web Services' Role

  • Manages all technical aspects of the site
  • Provides training in Cascade Server (content management system).

Web Editor's Role

  • Create content (written copy, upload photos and video) for department websites
  • Ensure websites are regularly updated and content is factually correct

CashNet forms are used by the institution to accept online payments for events hosted by George Fox University. Forms are set up and updated by Marketing Communications, but communication with attendees is handled by the original department.


CashNet charges a 2.75 percent service fee for all transactions, which cannot be added to the cost of the event. So, if someone filling out the form pays $100, we will receive $97.25 in our account. The event manager will need to take this into account when determining pricing for the event.

Required Information for CashNet Forms

Marketing Communications needs the following information to create a new CashNet form, or edit an existing one:

  • Contact information. The following is included on every form: first name, last name, address, city, state, ZIP, phone and email
  • Any additional information you need to ask for (e.g. dietary restrictions, event-specific information, etc.)
  • Payment options, including cost of registration, optional items, or if there are mutually exclusive payment pieces
  • Budget information on what account the money will go into
  • Which employees will be managing this event so permissions can properly be set up

Post Set-Up Event Planning

Once the form is set up, the individual department running the form will be in charge of contacting attendees, and other information regarding the event. If additional information or help is needed on this front, please contact Event Services.

For HTML email jobs, Marketing Communications needs the following:

  • Account information: Let us know if you have an account in either Constant Contact or Mailchimp. If you don't, you will need to set one up. We need the login information for the account you’re going to use.
  • Content: Provide content for the initial email (the copy, the title for the banner, if needed, and images if there are specific images you would like to include).
  • Purpose: Please provide the purpose of the email.
  • Contact List: Provide the list of contacts to whom you want the email sent (include first name, last name and/or company name, and email addresses in an Excel spreadsheet). Be sure to maintain and update your list to ensure it goes to the intended recipients.

Once the initial template is built, you are free to learn the process of setting up future campaigns using the template as a base. Resources on how to do this are available in both Constant Contact and Mailchimp.

If you do not plan to send out emails on a regular basis or do not have a large volume of contacts, you might consider simply sending out a PDF attachment.

Submit a Web Request

To submit a video request, see the video production page.