Web and Digital Communications Services


Marketing Communications manages the development and maintenance of the university website, as well as provides some support in email design. 

Before submitting a web and digital communications request, please familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures below.

Print or Graphic Requests

To submit a print or graphic request, please visit our Print and Graphic Services page.


The university's website is a collaborative effort between Marketing Communications and web editors who maintain their department websites.

Marketing's Role

Web Editor's Role

RegFox Forms

RegFox forms are used by the institution to accept online payments for events hosted by George Fox University. Forms are set up by Marketing Communications, but the requesting department must handle populating forms and communicating with attendees.


RegFox charges a credit card processing fee of 2.99% and a $0.99 plus 1% (cap of $4.99) service fee for each transaction. These fees typically are not passed on to the registrant, so if someone filling out the form pays $100, we will receive $95.02 in our account. The event manager will need to take this into account when determining pricing for the event. You may use the RegFox Price Fee Calculation sheet to determine what you might charge in order to net the amount you’d like to receive.

Required Information for RegFox Forms

Marketing Communications needs the following information to create a new RegFox form:

Please note: Once a RegFox form is set up, the individuals responsible for the event must put all of the required information and fields in place. 

Post Set-Up Event Planning

Once the form is set up, the individual department running the form will be in charge of contacting attendees and arranging other details for the event. If additional information or help is needed on this front, please contact Event Services.


For HTML email jobs, Marketing Communications needs the following:

Once the initial template is built, you are free to learn the process of setting up future campaigns using the template as a base. Resources on how to do this are available in both Constant Contact and Mailchimp.

MarCom is not responsible for determining audiences or sending emails on your behalf. If you do not plan to send out emails on a regular basis or do not have a large volume of contacts, you might consider simply sending out a PDF attachment.

Submit a Web Request

If you have any questions, please contact Peter Crackenberg, our director of web development, at pcrackenberg@georgefox.edu or ext. 2138.