Field Experiences

Some students benefit from arranging accommodations with their internship, field experience, or clinical site. Students planning to start internships, field experiences, or off-site clinical rotations should begin the accommodation process as early as possible, preferably a semester ahead of the start of the field experience.

  1. Contact Disability and Accessibility Services to discuss the situation
  2. Review the Responsibilities document
  3. Complete the Field Experience Accessibility Plan

The list below is a non-exhaustive list of field experience activities or environment that might raise barriers for some students, and thus might need accommodations arranged.

  • Individual and group work stations
  • 1 on 1 client meeting sessions
  • Public meeting/greeting spaces
  • Case management note taking/data entry requirements
  • Group meeting spaces
  • Labs and/or clinical spaces
  • Remote or travel off site requirements
  • Time (days/hours open) of service delivery
  • Access to required databases or technology used
  • Access to print materials and references used
  • Building or site access needs