External Event Planners

We encourage anyone planning an event or conference to consult with our staff during the initial planning process. We can assist you by scheduling appropriate locations for events, discussing program flow and room configurations, providing logistical information about parking, catering and audio-visual support, and providing estimates of event costs or giving budget advice.

Meeting, Event or Conference?

In order to help clarify communication, the Conference & Event Office has come up with terms to help differentiate between the four most usual types of programs requested. They are:

  • Meeting: a small gathering that usually does not require a great deal of set up, support, or arrangements
  • Summer Conference: any meeting or event that will involve overnight housing with guests staying in George Fox University accommodations (May-July only)
  • Day Conference: single or multi-day event that involves multiple spaces/resources and collaboration to accomplish
  • Event: any gathering that is not a meeting or a conference

When working with a Conference and Event staff member, it helps to let her or him know what type of program you are planning.

Reservation Process for Simple Meetings

If you wish to request space for a simple meeting—a gathering that is easy to arrange, usually in a room that requires no set up may be done either by e-mail to  events@georgefox.edu or by telephone at (503) 554-2027. Please include the number of people you anticipate attending the event along with date and start and end time for the meeting. If it is your first time renting with us we require a 4 week window in order to process the paperwork. We only need 10 business days lead time for returning customers.

Reservation Process for Events or Conferences

For events or conferences that will take more collaboration and arrangements, please submit an Event Request Form online. It will help expedite your request. We strongly urge a minimum of 6 month lead time for conferences or events that involve multiple rooms and/or days.

Once the information on the event is received, one of our Scheduling Specialists will review your request, and based on the information provided, will tentatively reserve facilities for the proposed program. The Director of Conference and Events will review the information and email you a contract and liability insurance requirements. Once those documents have been signed and returned the Scheduling Specialist will confirm your reservations and assign an Event Coordinator to assist you with details for your event.

External Event Request Form