Conference & Events Information and Policies

Children running at a sports camp

Facilities on the George Fox University campus are available to be scheduled for events for both university-related and non-university-related groups. University-related groups are defined as academic and administrative departments and recognized student organizations. Non-university-related groups are defined as groups not affiliated with George Fox University, whose mission is compatible with the university.

Conference & Event Services is responsible for room reservations and scheduling events on campus (other than regularly scheduled academic courses).

The university creates a master calendar prior to each academic year. Once the master calendar is in place each year, then both campus and non-campus groups can request locations for events. All events are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Conference & Event Services reserves the right to substitute facilities for the space(s) reserved should the need arise.

Use of facilities by university groups may require additional approval from appropriate university officials prior to scheduling, depending on the nature of the event or facilities being requested. Start with Conference & Event Services, and we will walk you through this critical process.

Use of facilities by non-university-related groups wanting to co-sponsor with George Fox University academic and administrative departments/units and student organizations require that certain conditions be fulfilled. Contact Conference & Event Services for details.

Requests from non-university-related groups must be made to Conference & Event Services, which oversees and manages university facility use policies. Use of facilities by non-university-related groups will be granted only when a George Fox University facilities agreement has been properly executed between the group and Conference & Event Services.

Individual university faculty, staff and students are considered non-university-related when requesting facilities for events unrelated to or approved by a department or campus organization. The university does not rent facilities for personal use such as anniversaries, birthdays, or family reunions. The IRS requires that facilities be used only for educational purposes only. We do work with organizations to schedule public events when space is available and the nature of their event fits within the university mission.