Student Event Planners

If you’re a member of a student club or organization, we're here to assist you, and several departments on campus are available to help you in planning and executing your programs. Please be sure to ask for help when you need it!

Following are policies related to events on campus:

Meeting or Event?

To keep confusion to a minimum with clients and guests, Conference & Event Services has come up with terms to help differentiate between the most common types of programs requested. They are:


A gathering on behalf of the club or organization, where all of the following criteria are met:Limited to club membership and no outside guests invited

  • Only official club business will be conducted
  • No set-up or minimal set-up required


If any of the following apply, the program is considered an event:

  • Any gathering that is not a meeting
  • It involves an outside speaker, community involvement, or special presentations
  • Uses rented equipment or an outside vendor (e.g., tent, lights, food vendor)
  • Has 40 or more people attending

Conference & Events Information and Policies

Scheduling Meetings

All student clubs that are officially recognized by Associated Student Government (ASC) at George Fox University are allowed to request space.

If you are planning a meeting (as defined above), you may submit a request at any time via our 25Live scheduling system. If you have trouble logging in or using 25Live, email or call 503-554-2027. When emailing or calling, please provide the number of people you anticipate attending the meeting, the date, and the start and end times for the meeting.
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Event Requests

Student clubs that are officially recognized by ASC and want to hold an event (as defined above) are invited to submit a reservation request via 25Live. This request must be submitted at least 10 business days before the event date, and some events require even more lead time:

No exceptions will be made for event requests that are not submitted with enough lead time.

Conference & Event Services will review the information provided through the 25Live request for logistics and operational needs. If there is a concern or difficulty with the request, we will include the student activities advisor in the email reply to the student requestor so the advisor can help guide the student through the event process. We’ll also assign a scheduling specialist to work with the student throughout the event process.

Please note that the approval process for event requests can take up to five business days.

Once the information on the event is received, we will review your request and tentatively reserve facilities for the proposed program based on the information provided. Depending on the nature of the event, it may be necessary to sign a contract with the university. We will then send a confirmation to you, along with further information on the planning process.

The information submitted to Conference & Event Services is used to determine:

  • What facility or facilities would work best for the event or conference and whether these are available for the dates requested
  • Arrangements in the event of conflicting programming or university scheduling (e.g., if the dates requested coincide with a large university-wide event or are during a university holiday)
  • Whether or not the program needs an event coordinator assigned to work on it
  • Whether there will be any food service needed
  • Whether there will be any technical equipment support needed
  • Whether there will be any parking needs for the program and what solutions are available

For complex events, an event coordinator may be assigned to review planning and arrangements and to assist you with further questions and plans you have for your program.

Regardless of the complexity or simplicity of your program, Conference & Event Services is here to answer questions and provide support to you during each step of your planning process.

Online Registration Forms with RegFox

If your event needs to accept online payments, the university has the system RegFox available for you to use. Forms are set up by Conference & Event Services, but the requesting department must handle populating forms and communicating with attendees.

Learn more about online registration with RegFox