Purchase Orders (POs)  

A purchase order is a document that is used to initiate a transaction between a buyer and a seller. It serves as a formal agreement between the two parties on the goods or services to be purchased, the quantity and the price.

The use of purchase orders is mandatory for all invoices in order to complete the approval process. This ensures that purchases are properly authorized, that the necessary funds are available, and that the goods or services are received and properly accounted for.

If you are using a new vendor, please have them complete the New Vendor Application. Payment to the vendor cannot be made until we have them set up in PeopleSoft. This form is only for vendors using an Employer Identification Number (EIN). If the vendor is a person using their Social Security number, they will need to be processed through Timekeeping.

Purchase Request Procedure

  1. Enter a requisition in PeopleSoft (see instructions linked below)
  2. When a purchase requisition is approved, a PO number is assigned. 
    • Purchasing will send your PO to you via email. It will then be your responsibility to send it on to the supplier.
    • Once the purchase order is assigned, it is reflected in your department and program as an encumbered expense. (“Encumbered” means that funds have been committed, but not yet spent.)
  3. Receive goods and/or services against the requisition/PO (see instructions linked below). Critical: This step notifies Accounts Payable within PeopleSoft that the purchase order has been fulfilled. Without receiving into the system, a check cannot be generated to pay the invoice from the supplier.
  4. Submit invoices to Accounts Payable for payment using the Request for Payment Form.

How to Enter and Receive Requisitions in PeopleSoft

Credit Cards

Credit cards do not replace the use of purchase orders, which is the preferred method of purchase by the university, with payment by electronic transfer or check through the Accounts Payable department. Most purchases of goods or services $5,000 and above will use the purchase order system.

If payment by credit card is required by the vendor rather than by electronic transfer or check, the credit card payment should be made through the Purchasing Department.

Credit Card Policy


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Frank Charles

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Kathi Becker

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