Alumni Resources

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Alumni Resources

We still want to support you! Here are a few helpful resources for you to utilize post-graduation:

  • Career Coaching  is available within the first year after graduating for undergrads from the Newberg Campus. Online career readiness resources are available to ADP students and alumni.

  • Search for  jobs, internships, or volunteer opportunities through  Handshake!

    • For access, view these instructions provided by Handshake's Help Center.

  • Prepare for interviews by accessing Big Interview to learn and practice.

  • Craft your resume and cover letters for your job application by viewing our information packets on our Career Planning page.

Alumni Opportunities

As a Fox alumnus, you are an exceptional resource for current students. Here are few ways you can contribute to our mission and help students bridge college to career:

  • Give back by joining the Alumni Career Ambassadors! Click here for more information and complete this Google Form to sign up.
  • Recruit or Employ students for new positions! Learn more.

Where are they now?

Find Alumni on LinkedIn

George Fox alumni can be found around the world, putting their education to work in diverse areas. They are teachers, nurses, doctors, CEOs, accountants, ministers, musicians, scientists, writers, editors, actors, designers and artists. They can be found in local and state government and serving as attorneys and judges. They work in the nonprofit sector and volunteer in their local communities and for projects around the country and the world. Many have gone on to pursue graduate work or now have advanced degrees.

Select a major of your choice and check out where our alumni work or what they are doing. Perhaps you would like to connect with the person or follow their organization on LinkedIn. Start networking now! (Registering with LinkedIn required).linkedin.png

Make the most of your professional journey by checking out these links!
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ProFinder:  a freelance marketplace. We are frequented by professionals looking to hire experts in areas like design, writing or software engineering. This platform helps small businesses connect with independent professionals right in their community to execute project based work.

Jobs:  LinkedIn allows you to harness the power of your network and get hired. LinkedIn Jobs surfaces insights such as who you know and if alumni work at a company, providing you an edge in your job search.

Salary:  LinkedIn has tapped its user-base of more than 500+ million members to provide deep insights into the compensation landscape. This includes salary, bonus, and equity data for specific job titles, and the different factors that impact pay such as years of experience, industry, company size, location, and education level - all of which becomes critical knowledge as you navigate your career.