Mail Services FAQ

Mail Services is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. We are closed on the weekend.

All student mailboxes are located in the Robert Center at 501 N Villa Road, across the parking lot from the Hadlock Student Center. You are assigned a mailbox when you first enroll at George Fox and you keep the same box assignment for each consecutive semester you are enrolled.

Your U.S. Mail will be forwarded and campus mail will be returned to the sending department. Returned class papers will be saved for your return.

If you take a leave of absence, email Jered McConaughey at with your forwarding address. When you return to George Fox, you will be assigned a new campus mailbox.

If you decide to keep your box open all summer, your mail will continue to go to your box. However, if you close your box for the summer, your U.S. Mail will be forwarded to the address you provided to Mail Services and campus mail will be returned to the sending department. Class papers for returning students will be saved for your return. Class papers for others will be saved at Mail Services for six months.

Packages received in August at Mail Services will not be forwarded. They will be available for pick-up when you arrive back on campus.

Mail is sorted and distributed throughout the day Monday through Friday.

When students receive an item of mail requiring a signature, Mail Services acts as the agent. Items too large to fit into a mailbox are written up as packages. An email will be sent to the student's George Fox email address for both of these examples. The student must bring a photo ID to Mail Services to claim the item of mail and sign for it. A photo from a cell phone will not be accepted.

According to USPS regulations, we forward First Class mail for one year. You must contact organizations that send you mail with your new address.

Give your friends and family your address format as listed on the main University Mailing Address Page. Be sure to have the sender include your name and box number in the address to avoid delays. We receive mail and packages from all shipping carriers. Please note that nicknames or psuedonyms are not accepted.

<Your Name> (Name required)
501 N Villa Road, #<Your box number> (box number is required)
Newberg, OR 97132

Yes, you can. But you must send an email to Mail Services, saying you grant permission for the name of your friend to pick up the package. Be sure to include the name of your friend in the email. Your friend must have photo ID with them. Photo on cell phone will not be accepted.

Mail Services holds your package for five days. If your package has not been picked up, Mail Services returns the package back to the sender. If you know that you will not be able to pick your package up in a timely manner, you will need to send an email to Mail Services,

You can order grocery items from companies sucha as: Instacart, Fred Meyers, Whole Foods, etc.. Please note that Mail Services will only hold your grocery order for 48 hours max (2-school days). If after 48 hours your grocery items have not been picked up, they will be donated to the university food pantry.