Parent Information

Information Sheet for Parents and Students

George Fox University Mail Services

Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Monday though Friday
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Address Format For Your Student

Find the range your student's box # falls in, and use that address format.

Beebe Post Office:
(Box #s: 4000 - 5160)

Student's Name
George Fox University
418 N Meridian St # _______
Newberg OR 97132
SUB Post Office:
(Box #s: 5161 - 5999 and 7501-7999)

Student's Name
George Fox University
420 N Meridian St #________
Newberg OR 97132

Notice the street number. Do not use 414 N Meridian ST (the University address) for student mail.
Incorrectly addressed mail, as well as mail without box numbers, is delayed.

University Mail Services receives mail through the USPS, UPS, Federal Express, and other carriers.

We provide service at North Street Annex for outgoing mail/packages.

We sell a variety of envelopes and stamps. Stamps are available in books, sheets, or one at a time.

Incoming Mail and Packages:

Packages and items of mail that are too large to fit into a student's PO box are stored at the University Mail Services and the student is emailed that they have a package.

Photo ID is required for package pick-up.

Mail that requires a signature: Such as certified, insured, etc.

       -  University Mail Services acts as the agent.
       - These items require photo ID and a signature from the student for pick-up.
       - Student will receive an email about the item of mail.

Outgoing Mail:

Outgoing US Mail and UPS packages must be sent from University Mail Services located in North Street Annex.

Campus Mail:

University related campus mail from university offices, professors or students is delivered throughout the day.
This mail requires no postage.

We welcome you and your student. If you have any questions, please contact:

Linda Sartwell,

Asst. Director of Mail Services
Phone (503)554-2560