Christian Belief and Human Sexuality

Our Theological Position

Centennial Tower on campus

As a Christian university, we believe the Bible, as illuminated by the Holy Spirit, is true and reliable. George Fox University seeks to order its community life around the values and ethics we believe God has given us in the Bible. George Fox employees and students in our traditional undergraduate program agree to abide by the Community Lifestyle Agreement, which draws from the historic Christian view of sexual relationships.

While there are Christians inside and outside our community who have different interpretations of Scripture, nearly all Christian churches across the ages and around the world have affirmed sexual purity in singleness and fidelity in marriage between a man and a woman as the biblical norm. We recognize that this belief may be in conflict with the practice or vision of the larger culture, as Christian beliefs have been in other times and places. Yet we hold to the historic Christian position on this topic while being respectful of those who disagree with us.

A Call for Civility

Regardless of one’s perspective or tradition, we encourage all of our community members to engage discussions on human sexuality with civility and respect. We condemn any violence directed toward LGBTQ+ people. Some alumni have indicated that conversations they had at George Fox on LGBTQ+ topics have been hurtful to them. We grieve with them over their experiences. As a university with an evangelical Quaker heritage, we encourage Christian care and compassion as we dialogue on LGBTQ+ topics.

Our Church Affiliation

George Fox University was founded by and is affiliated with the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quaker) denomination.


Are there LGBTQ+ students at George Fox?

Yes. We have LGBTQ+ students and alumni at George Fox. They have and continue to make valuable contributions to our community.

What if an LGBTQ+ student feels threatened on campus? How will George Fox respond to the harassment of LGBTQ+ students?

George Fox does not tolerate harassment of any member of the University community and will take appropriate disciplinary action against anyone found responsible for such behavior. George Fox is committed to promoting and maintaining an educational environment in which students can learn and grow without the fear of being harassed.

Students can report sexual harassment or sexual assault to the Sexual Misconduct CARE Team without fear of retribution. If students are threatened or are in immediate danger, they should contact the George Fox University Campus Public Safety.

Where can LGBTQ+ students go for support and community?

We recognize that thinking through sexual development issues in isolation can be overwhelming for students and that community support in a trusted environment can be positive and nurturing. Thus, the University provides several areas of support for LGBTQ+ students, including our Human Sexuality Care Initiative.

The George Fox Counseling Center offers free counseling sessions for any students. Our Spiritual Life team may also be of assistance. The university is committed to ensuring that these support services are deserving of students' trust. Additionally, there are many caring and trusted faculty and staff across campus, as well as resources and informal support groups within the local community.

Do George Fox counselors practice conversion or reparative therapy for LGBTQ+ students?


What if I disagree with George Fox's official stance on human sexuality and related policies?

George Fox respects a student’s right to thoughtfully express his or her opinion, and the university recognizes that there are members of our community who do not agree with the university’s views on biblical sexual morality. Regardless of one's viewpoint on these issues, we believe that all people have been created in God's image and that God loves all people unconditionally. Thus, George Fox supports the dignity and worth of every person and seeks to create a campus climate where each person is treated with love and respect.

Can students face disciplinary action or lose their university financial aid for identifying as LGBTQ+?