Becoming a Club

Clubs offer a unique opportunity for those with similar interests to come together to learn, grow and find community. This section contains information for those interested in starting a club.

Registering for Official Recognition

All student clubs who would like to be officially recognized by George Fox University must complete the following:

  1. New Club Application
  2. Club Advisor Agreement (sent on your club's behalf once your application is complete)
  3. Club Student Body Support (accessible once your application is complete)
  4. Meet with Clubs Director (Collin Smith:
  5. Club Constitution (Example Constitution)
  6. Detailed Budget (Example Budget)
  7. Release of Liability Forms (for clubs participating in any form of physical activity, i.e. club athletic teams)
  8. Club Renewal Form (to be completed at the end of each spring semester should clubs wish to continue the following year). Clubs must also meet the following criteria in order to be considered for official recognition by the university:
    • A club must consist of at least three offices. Typically: a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and/or any other officers deemed necessary.
    • A club must hold regular meetings, at least once per month.
    • A club must have a current full-time faculty or staff advisor.
    • It must have a clearly stated mission and purpose statements consistent with the university’s mission and vision statements.
    • It must have a current constitution.
    • It must include a current list of officers, members and advisor(s), including names, and email addresses.
    • With the exception of groups registered as competitive – “club athletic or academic” teams requiring a tryout process – clubs and organizations must be open and accessible to all undergraduate George Fox students regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, age, economic status or physical ability.
    • Clubs with fewer than 10 members are not eligible for chartered status.

Club officers are required to attend any meeting called by the Clubs Director. Club officers will be given a minimum of one-week notice of any meeting.