Students and employees who are traveling on University business or for University-sponsored off-campus trips or events with students, employees, or outside guests are expected to follow the procedures specified in this document. As a part of the approval process, employees and/or students will be required to affirm that they understand and agree to abide by the expectations contained in this document when traveling on University business. These policies are designed for the health and safety of all members of our community.

Any trip or event funded or planned by the University or by an agent of the University increases the level of responsibility for the driver and the institution.  That is not meant to discourage any of the great experiences or events that are offered as part of a University community.  It’s just important that employees and students are aware of and willing to assume the responsibility associated with off-campus trips or events.

The University Vehicle Driver Certification process takes 5 business days for insurance authorization.  Plan ahead so that you can be insured in time for your deadline.


*Follow the instructions below to become an approved driver of a University van or vehicle OR an approved driver using a personal vehicle for a University event.

  1. Read the policy.
  2. Log into Canvas to watch the "University Vehicle Driver Safety Information Video" and/or the "Personal Vehicle Driver Safety Video," and then complete the accompanying quiz.