Policy and Procedures for Driving Personal Vehicles on University Business

Students and employees will be allowed to drive on University business if they have a current valid U.S. state driver license for at least 3 years.

When driving a personal vehicle on University business, the driver’s personal insurance serves as the primary insurance and is the extent of the driver’s protection. Students and employees need to be comfortable with their own auto insurance coverage and limits and assume all risks and responsibility for transporting other individuals in their vehicle.

When an employee or student uses a personal vehicle on University business OR if the University arranges the transportation for an activity or event and a student or employee is asked to transport others in their personal vehicle, that person/driver must be on the approved driver’s list maintained by Plant Services indicating the following:

  • An acceptable motor vehicle driving record as defined in this policy
  • Driver’s License # and Expiration Date (recorded as a part of the approval process)
  • Completion of the online training provided by Plant Services
  • Current personal automobile insurance including the insurance company name, policy #, and adequate limits (recorded as a part of the approval process) in the quiz.

When the University is NOT providing or arranging for transportation to an event or activity (i.e., the event begins at the designated location), the driver understands that she or he is assuming all risk and liability. Of course, it is still important to only drive and transport others when there is a good driving record, current valid driver license, and personal automobile insurance with sufficient limits.

In all cases, the driver/owner of the vehicle must follow all traffic laws and regulations and ensure that the personal vehicle is in good operating condition and safe to drive.