The Oregon Writing Project Collaborative offers a variety of on-campus and on-line programming each school year and during the summer. These workshops aim to support teachers in the improvement of student writing and the use of writing to learn across the curriculum. Schools and districts may arrange on-site programs according to their needs, size, and resources.

A variety of PreK-High School programs are available. Special topics are available upon request.

For more information, contact Angela Obery at

Workshop hours can be applied to PDU’s. Graduate credit options are often available.

Inservice Topics include:

Process Based Instruction

Why is quality writing instruction important?
What is “The Writing Process”?
What are the components of a “Writer’s Workshop”?
How do you integrate Writer’s and Reader’s Workshop together?
What is the difference between teaching writing and assigning writing?
What type of writing addresses the Common Core standards?
What does the gradual release ‘look like’ in a writing classroom?

Structures to Support a Writing Classroom

How do you create a supportive classroom writing environment?
How do you create a ‘community of writers’?
How do we implement a “Writer’s Notebook”?
How do you create a Unit of Study?
What teaching/modeling strategies empower student writers?
How can you use anchor charts to record big ideas?
How do you support risk taking /student choice to boost engagement?
How do you help reluctant writers ‘get started’?
How can you encourage ‘naming and noticing’?
How can mentor texts be used to teach writing?
How do you choose relevant, engaging mentor texts?
How can you use informational texts to support reading and writing?


What strategies help students generate significant topics?
How do we implement “Free writing”?
How can you connect verbal language & written language for students?


What strategies can be used to teach strong leads/beginnings?
What strategies teach sentence fluency?
What strategies teach strong organization?
What assignments go beyond the 5 paragraph essay?

Revise & Conference

What strategies teach revision skills?
Why should students engage in writing conferences?
What is a response group?
How do you facilitate peer conferencing?
What strategies can be used to guide writing conferences?
What kind of record keeping can be used with conferences?

Edit & Publish

What strategies can be used to teach grammar/syntax?
What strategies can be used to teach punctuation?
How can digital publishing be used in classrooms?
How can visual literacy impact writers?

Genres of Writing

How can you teach poetry?
How do you teach narrative?
How do you teach memoir?


How do we help students to reflect on their own development as a writer?
What assessment tools can be used to evaluate student writing?
How can teachers implement proficiency grading?

Writing to Learn

What is “Writing to Learn/Academic Writing”?
What writing strategies strengthen critical-thinking skills?
How do we integrate writing across the curriculum?
What strategies can be used in the content areas?
How can you use exit slips, reading responses, and note-taking skills?

Special Topics

ELL: How do we support ELL writers?
Boys: How do we inspire/support boy writers?
At-Risk Youth:  How do we support At-Risk Youth and their work as writers?
ECE: How to develop ‘Reading to Learn’ and ‘Learning to Read’ in ECE learners?
Technology: What digital tools can be used to support writing instruction?

Other topics available upon request....

In Their Own Words

Comments from Program Participants

"This was BY FAR the best inservice EVER!  Learned a lot and it was enjoyable. Thanks so much"

"I so enjoyed this workshop so many times we sit here and it really does not apply. However, this day was great! Therefore, my heart thanks you."

Thank you! This was a real boost in my skills in teaching writing."

"Thank you! This was a real boost in my skills in teaching writing."

"I love these ideas and can’t wait to learn more."

"My students have become more excited about writing. We can skip math, but we can't skip writing, because they enjoy it. The results are that last year I had four students pass the state writing test and this year I had 14 students pass!"

"A result of this inservice class for me personally is that I have learned to enjoy writing more, because I write with the students more and I share my ideas as well as them sharing their ideas. We are more relaxed about writing in my class."

"We also have found that we are in this writing class together as a team."