Video Essay Instructions

In an effort to get to know you better, applicants are encouraged to respond to the essay question through a 60-second video. By choosing to make a video you do not have to submit a written response to the same question.

The video may be created through a personal online account, such as Vimeo or YouTube. As the video cannot be uploaded to the application, cut and paste the URL to the video and any required access code in the text box of the essay question.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to correctly configure the security and access settings for the video. We recommend that the applicant use the strongest privacy settings available while still allowing the Admissions Committee access. If using YouTube, we suggest using the “Unlisted Video” setting so that only individuals who have the URL can view it. The applicant is also responsible for adhering to the terms and conditions of the website used to share the video essay.

The video essay is to meet the following criteria:

Video Essay Pointers

  1. Brainstorm ideas about what you want to say. This is an opportunity to be creative and authentic. 
  2. Write a draft for your script. Make it exceptional!
  3. Get feedback. Edit your final draft script.
  4. Film your video. Do not just read your script!
  5. Review and film again if needed. 
  6. Upload video link to your application and ensure it will be viewable by our Admissions Committee.


Why am I being asked to submit a video essay response?

We are looking forward to having face time with each of our applicants. This is an opportunity for you to personally tell us why you are passionate about physical therapy and why George Fox University is where you want to complete your DPT.

What if I’m not a rockstar at creating a video?

Rest assured, there are no bonus points for fancy editing skills. We are simply seeking to  get to know you better. Breath deeply. Be yourself. You can film yourself as many times as you want until you feel confident with your response.

What do I need to know about using YouTube for my video essay response?

As always, just ask Google. After logging in to your Google account ( start one here if you do not already have one), there are some great starter pages whether you are uploading your video from your computer or recording directly from your webcam. These links will get you started in no time.

What if I want to use Vimeo?

After creating a free account on their website, click on “Upload a video” and there are two easy to follow prompts for uploading your video from your cell phone or computer.

I have a Mac

Apple Support has troubleshooting details on this How-To page. Every Mac comes with iMovie, allowing you to edit videos before uploading them to the platform of your choice.

I’m using a PC

For computers with a Windows operating system, Microsoft has a great How-To page with details on uploading your video.

Can I use my phone or other device?

You are welcome to use what ever device is most accessible or that you are most familiar with. As a reminder, you will not be scored on the production quality of your video. Just be sure that you can be clearly seen and heard.


You get to choose your security settings. By default, when uploading a video to YouTube it is set to “public.” Consider YouTube’s privacy settings such as “unlisted”. Vimeo provides a nice layout of their Privacy Settings.

Do I have to submit a video and written response for the essay question?

Nope. You only have to submit one response. You choose written or video.