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Youth Science Classes

 Spring 2023

The Spring 2023 class session begins the week of February 20 and runs through the week of April 10 with the exception of two weeks. Students may sign up for more than one class within their age group. All classes will have an enrollment limit of 16 students. Courses cost $75 per student. Please take note of the following class schedule:

  • Week 1: February 20-25
  • No Classes: February 27- March 3
  • Week 2: March 6-10
  • Week 3: March 13-17
  • Week 4: March 20-24
  • No Classes: March 27-31 (Spring Break)
  • Week 5: April 3-7
  • Week 6: April 10-15

The following classes will be offered:

To Infinity and Beyond, Ages 6-8

Fridays 1:00-2:00pm, EHS Room 225

To infinity and beyond! Let's take one small step as space explorers to launch our understanding about this small corner of our universe and marvel at God’s great creation full of mysteries that are yet to be revealed. This class will include a session in our inflatable star lab dome!

Brainsplosion, Understanding Neurochemistry and the Brain, Ages 9-11

Wednesdays 1:30-2:30, EHS Room 225

Why do our senses play tricks on us? Why do we remember some things and forget others? How do emotions work? Dive into the fundamentals of brain function and the nervous system to discover the secrets of our most complex organ—the brain! In this class, we will learn about the senses, neurochemicals, learning, emotions and other related concepts. Get ready to learn effective scientific methods while we investigate the chemical mechanisms behind the mind!

Radical Reactions, Ages 12-14

Fridays 3:00-4:00pm, EHS Room 202

You may not know it, but everyday, all the time you are surrounded by chemistry! In this class, we will use the techniques of inquiry, experimentation, and observations in order to learn about the basic types of chemical reactions as well as the physical properties behind the building blocks of the universe, allowing us to learn more about God and the world we live in!

What's Up Doc?, Ages 15-18

Mondays 2:00-3:00pm, EHS Room 225

Dive into the world of medical doctors! This course will provide a cursory introduction into clinical patient care and treatment. Students will learn how to gather a patient’s history, develop a diagnostic plan, review x-rays, interpret lab results, and suture wounds. Students will come to better know the extraordinary complexity of God’s creation by exploring physiology of the human body.

Dissecting Our Way to Discovery, Grades 6-12

Thursday 2:30-3:30pm, EHS Room 103

This class will focus on teaching eager scientists and learners the basic anatomy and physiology of three different organisms, while also being able to dissect the organisms. This is a comparative anatomy class that will allow student to further their curiosity and gain hands-on laboratory experience! Students will observe the similarities and differences between three different classes of organisms. We hope you will join us in dissecting our way to discovery!

General Information

The Science Outreach Program offers science classes for children in our community during the fall and spring semesters. These classes allow students to learn about the wonders of God’s creation in a laboratory using equipment not readily available elsewhere. These classes are experiential, hands-on and lab based.

Each class is held once a week and are completed within one semester. Class size is limited and topics vary each session and semester. The areas of science studied may include environmental science, biology, chemistry, physics and/or computer science. Please feel free to contact the Science Outreach Program with questions about the classes.


The classes are taught by George Fox undergraduate students majoring in science and education. Each class is team-taught with two instructors, giving each student more one-on-one assistance. All student teachers receive training in lesson planning, delivery, and classroom management and work closely with the Science Outreach Program director to create and deliver their course. This program allows student instructors an opportunity to be a resource to their community and share their passion for science.

Class Fees & Scholarships

The class fee covers the cost of instructor payroll, class supplies, and field trip expenses, if applicable. Fees vary from class to class depending on lab and/or field trip expenses, but typically range from $60 to $80 for the full session. 

George Fox University makes every effort to keep the cost of these classes as low as possible while maintaining the highest possible quality of instruction. Please contact the Science Outreach Program via email ( to inquire about need-based scholarships.

Online Registration

Please use the link below to register for Youth Science Classes.  Registration for Science Outreach Classes is no longer being done by mail or in person at George Fox University. 

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Mailing List

We maintain an email contact list through which we distribute updated information about youth science classes. If you would like to be on our email list, please email the Science Outreach Program at

Directions to George Fox

The Youth Science Classes are held in the Edwards-Holman Science Center building on the George Fox University campus in Newberg, Oregon. The Edwards-Holman Science Center (EHS) is located directly behind the Wood-Mar building off of Meridian Street. Upon reaching downtown Newberg, follow 99W to Meridian Street. Turn north onto Meridian, and follow it for two blocks. Make a right into the George Fox parking lot. Please see the campus map for the location of EHS and visitor parking lots. You will be given a parking pass on the first day of class.