Star Lab

Star gazing, anyone?
What an awesome Creator we have!

The Star Lab is a portable planetarium. In addition to a couple of adult supervisors, our small dome seats about 35 students and our large dome seats about 75.

A George Fox representative gives a prepared presentation. Our most popular presentation topic is the constellations, featuring associated Greek and Roman stories, a description of how to find the constellations in our night sky, and the solar system and basic astronomy. Other presentations include the urban sky without drawn-in constellations, Greek mythology with cartoon-styled constellations, and/or the anatomy of the cell. Often more than one topic will be covered. In general, a 15- to 30-minute presentation works well for K-3 students and a 30- to 45-minute presentation works for older students. Star Lab presentations are meant to supplement and support the teacher’s curriculum and not be used for entertainment or assemblies.


Presentation scheduling is contingent on availability of a George Fox University representative, as their schedule permits. You may schedule to view the Star Lab at George Fox University, free of charge, or at your school. There is no budget for this program; therefore, if you choose to view the lab at your school, we request a mileage fee of $ 0.56 per mile to defray travel costs.

Space requirements

A room of 21 x 21 feet with ceiling height of 14 feet is needed to hold the small lab, and a room of 27 x 27 feet with ceiling height of 16 feet is needed to hold the large lab. A main-floor location is preferred, especially for the larger Star Lab The floor must be vacuumed or swept before set up to protect the lab from debris that could cause holes. Also, we will need a representative from your school to direct us to our set-up site. Keep in mind when scheduling, lab set up and take down each take about 30 minutes.

Please contact the Science Outreach coordinator at to schedule an appointment.