Welcome to Thriving

Institute for Pastoral Thriving


The Institute for Pastoral Thriving is made possible through a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. Lilly is especially interested in creative efforts to foster and strengthen collegial relationships among clergy. The Thriving Institute was created to support clergy thriving as pastoral leaders in congregational settings, providing opportunities for pastors to find and build relationships with pastoral colleagues who can serve as exemplars and guide them through professional and personal challenges that emerge over the course of a ministerial career.

The ultimate aim is to enhance and sustain the conditions needed for pastors to thrive in congregational leadership and thus enrich and sustain the vitality of the congregations and parishes they serve. This means creating space for a group of pastors to dialogue with colleagues, receive mentoring, be honored and enriched through time away, and be given space to relax, pray, or rest as needed. All cohorts are designed around these elements.