Spanish Language Challenge - SPAN 301/302

This challenge requires the student to demonstrate reading, oral and written proficiency in Spanish in order to potentially earn credit for SPAN 301 and/or SPAN 302.

Option A

Demonstrate proficiency by presenting a high school transcript with a seal of biliteracy.

Option B

Demonstrate proficiency with the following three steps.

  1. Reading & Grammar

    For SPAN 301/302: Students must pass the departmental placement exam. Contact Susana Barnreuther-Martinez for more information at

  2. Oral

    • For SPAN 301: Attain an Intermediate High ranking on a full half-hour oral proficiency interview (OPI)
    • For SPAN 302 – Attain an Advanced Low ranking on a full half-hour oral proficiency interview (OPI)
    • To arrange the interview, contact Language Testing International (LTI). If you are a new user, register online, call 1-800-486-8444, or email
      • Follow the instructions to register for the exam.
    • Choose “Web-Based Proctoring.” Web-based proctoring allows you to take almost all ACTFL assessments from your own home, 24/7. All you need is a computer with a webcam, so that the proctor can check your ID, help you access the first test, and then monitor the area to make sure the test is taken in a secure environment. This will cost an additional $20.
    • Susana Barnreuther in the Language and Literature Department will be notified that you took the test and receive your score.
    • The cost is approximately $165 ($145 + $20 for proctoring), which you will pay online with a credit or debit card to LTI.
    • Most oral proficiency interviews take around 30 minutes, though there is some variation.
    Contact Language Testing International regarding the posting of your scores. Note: It is the student’s responsibility to confirm and work with LTI regarding exams.
  3. Writing

    After completing the OPI, students will write in Spanish for 45 minutes in the Spanish office using a “blue book,” providing a hand-written sample that includes the following: 

    1. An introduction to the student in the format of a letter to a pen pal. 
    2. A description of past Spanish studies, trips to Spanish-speaking countries; interests with the language; a discussion of future hopes, dreams and plans; and any other pertinent information in a format of a descriptive essay. 
    3. Ten lines of imaginary dialogue between you and God. 
    4. One- to two-paragraph ad for an agency specializing in ecotourism, focusing on attracting tourists to a Spanish-speaking country (you pick the country).

    The writing sample will be evaluated for structure, vocabulary and grammar. In order to earn credit for or waive SPAN 301, the sample must show evidence of strong past narration, biological and spiritual vocabulary. In order to waive or receive credit for SPAN 302, the sample must do the above and also show solid command of the subjunctive and conditional tenses, strong organizational and transitional ability, as well as vocabulary clusters typically covered in SPAN 302.

Credit Testing Form

After you finish Option A or Option B, Susana Barnreuther-Maretinez will complete the George Fox University Credit by Testing Form and turn it into the registrar’s office. They charge a $60 service fee.


Susana Barnreuther-Martinez

Susana Barnreuther-Martinez

Administrative Assistant, Department of Language and Literature