Tim Timmerman

Professor of Art and Design

Contact Information
Phone: 503-554-2628
Email: ttimmerm@georgefox.edu

What do you do at Fox?
I teach students to build things up and smash things to pieces (sculpture); mix glass, paint and clay together (mixed media); learn all about what art has come before (art history) and about the bizarre and exciting art that is happening today (contemporary art trends); and I do my best to make sure our students are good to go into the art world when they leave us (senior thesis). I also may occasionally be seen wearing a rabbit costume or getting as much art as I can up on campus.

When did you start working at Fox?

I’ve been in over 50 exhibits across the country with my artwork and do my best to speak into our world of art. I went to undergraduate at Biola University in California, receiving my BS in Studio Art, and got my MFA in painting and drawing in the rolling hills of Palouse at Washington State University. I’ve been an assistant curator for the City of Los Angeles, a customer service agent speaking with irate customers for Eddie Bauer, a summer arts director, a grade-school art and drama teacher, and a dead pirate at an amusement park.

What is something you’d like to do in the future?
In the future I would like to make more art. I have sketchbooks full of ideas that I’ve never created and am looking forward to eventually getting all this art out in the real world. In the big picture I would love to continue to live and create a community that is about healing, sincerity and transparency; working to make Christ’s kingdom here on earth. Lastly there are many places in the Northwest I have yet to explore. I look forward to investigating every nook and cranny of this amazing corner of our states.

What is something you’re grateful for, appreciate, encouraged by, or excited about?
I am grateful for people and how Christ ministers to me through them. I would not be here if it wasn’t for my brothers and sisters who have kept me alive and grown me up. I am also grateful that I can make stuff and have a studio that I can make a mess in.

Personal notes:
I live in community and am an evangelical monk of sorts. I believe that the only things in the long run that last are our investment in Christ or in one another, so that’s where my focus is. I love people a lot.

What kind of art do you do?
I work in a variety of mediums such as oil painting, watercolor, gouache, mixed media, sculpture, glass and assemblage. My work is allegorical and symbolic, and full of a variety of critters and characters. I am influenced by medieval sculptures and stained glass, and painters such as Frans Hals, Bonnard, Titian, Ingres, Chardin, and Fra Angelico.