It’s totally normal to be nervous about making friends in college. You’re probably thinking, “Will people like me?” Or “What if everyone else makes friends faster than me?” But here’s the good news: Everyone else is thinking the exact same thing, even if they might be good at hiding it.

To get you started on the road to fun and meaningful friendships, we’re answering four of the most common questions students ask about making friends in college.

#1 I'm really shy. Do I wait for someone to approach me or do I approach them? 

The fear of rejection is strong, but it’s OK to be afraid. Fear isn’t always a weakness; it can signify when something is important to us. If you’re feeling nervous about asking someone to hang out, it might just mean that you’re really interested in that friendship. So acknowledge your feelings of fear, be kind to yourself and pursue friendship with confidence, because let’s be honest – you’re a really cool person to hang out with!

#2 How can I connect with my roommate? 

While not all roommates become besties, you certainly spend a lot of quality time together. Take a trip to the store and go in together on something fun for your room. Perhaps a mood-boosting plant or cute wall lights? Or pick a few campus events to attend together. The newness of everything always seems a little less daunting when you’re with a friend.


#3 Got any pro tips for finding friends

Take a look at campus clubs, organizations and community service projects. Attend dorm events and get-togethers. If you’re shy, take your roommate with you! You’ll meet people from all walks of life, form amazing friendships, and people will get the gift of knowing you.

#4 I think I've found my friend group! What's next?

Homework sessions, movie nights, weekend hikes, community service trips, coffee dates – take your pick! And while you’re hanging out, remember what it felt like when you were looking for friends, and keep an eye out for classmates you can invite to your next PNW adventure!


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