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As students advance in their college careers, many assume it’s time to move off campus as upperclassmen. However, according to Emma, Emily, Tori, and Whitney – four seniors who’ve lived on campus as long as they’ve been at Fox – there are some benefits to living on campus for the duration of your college experience.

Here are three reasons they say you should consider sticking around.


One of the main reasons these seniors chose to live on campus is the convenience it provides. They all agree that it was easier to get to class, attend campus events, and participate in extracurricular activities when living on campus.

Whitney mentioned that she appreciates having a space on campus that was hers, and Tori loves being an RA because it allows her to fill a leadership role and help build a sense of community among her residents. How great is it to be able to walk back to your home between classes?


When asked for one of their favorite things about living on campus, all four seniors mentioned the community aspect. They enjoy being able to easily interact with friends and classmates, attend campus events, and explore all that college has to offer.

Tori shared that living on campus all four years gave her the opportunity to dive into student activities and participate in events like the Lip Sync competition. Living on campus makes it easier to participate in such events.

All four girls are also involved in numerous extracurricular activities such as music ensemble, being TAs in the biochemistry department, the honors program, and more. Taking part in all of these activities was made easier by relieving the stress of commuting.

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A big reason students choose to live off campus is the assumption that it will be cheaper. Something Whitney appreciates is the fact she can use loans and scholarships to help pay for her housing! This may not be the case if you opt to live off campus.

Living on campus can actually save money because there are no utility fees, and you don't have to worry about paying monthly rent and utilities. 

Advice for Those on the Fence

For those who are considering whether to live on or off-campus, these seniors want to offer some advice. They suggest thinking about your priorities and values, and how living on campus can support you.

Additionally, living on campus gives you the ability to focus on your schoolwork and provides a neighborhood feel, as residents can participate in games and activities together. These ladies have created games such as the Stick Game, "Stewart," and capture the flag between their residence halls and others near them. If you get a chance, ask them about these fun games; you’ll be sure to get a laugh.

To sum it up, living on campus as an upperclassman can provide numerous benefits, including convenience, community and potentially saving money. So, is living on campus the right choice for you? Tori offers these words to consider: "Wherever you are in life, it is critical to find connections and community. Don't do that alone."

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