Credit for Prior Learning

College-level learning occurs in many environments in addition to the traditional college classroom. Students in degree completion programs may earn college credit for learning outside of the classroom. 

Department of Professional Studies

Successful completion of LACC 215/ASPD 215 Personal and Professional Assessment (3 credits) qualifies students who meet the submission deadlines to earn up to 30 hours of credit for training and life-learning at no additional charge. The course teaches the Kolb model for constructing essays that demonstrate college-level learning garnered from life experiences. Essays, as well as materials collected from personal and professional training, are carefully evaluated by qualified faculty to determine credit awards.

Beginning in Spring 2020, professional studies students who would like to submit professional certifications but do not intend to submit personal essays should take ASPD 195 Professional Assessment (1 credit). This course teaches students to write the experience description and learning outcomes required in the certification submission process. All professional studies students must complete LACC 215/ASPD 215 or ASPD 195 with a C- or higher in order to submit personal and professional training for credit.

Detailed policies and procedures for Prior Learning credit are described in the Prior Learning Credit Guide available from the department.

RN to BSN Program Credit for Prior Licensure

Registered nurses in the RN to BSN program may earn 32 semester credits for prior licensure after completion of the first six credit semester course, and submission of their current RN licensure.

Requirements for receiving credit for prior licensure: 

  • Successful completion of RBSN 310 Role Transitions in Nursing with a grade of C or better.
  • Current and active RN licensure.
  • Other requirements as listed in the RBSN 310 course syllabus.

Detailed policies and procedures for prior licensure is available from the Nursing department.