Music Minor

Minor Requirements

22 credit hours

Complete the following:
A course designed to help the student systematically acquire basic information and interrelated skills that will be of value in future musical endeavors as performer, teacher, or composer, in all genres of music. Students will study music notation, interval recognition, elements of pitch and rhythm, scale and chord construction and beginning concepts in harmony. Corequisite: MUSI 131 Sight Singing and Ear Training I.
A lab experience designed to develop proficiency in singing prepared melodies, melodies at sight, rhythmic patterns, and in taking basic melodic dictation. Corequisite: MUSI 121 Theory I.
Introductory work with technological resources basic to work in the music field. Includes hands-on experience with MIDI and sequencing, music notation programs and desktop publishing, digital sound formats, audio recording, and basic Web authoring. Students will also explore basic self-promotion skills such as marketing and portfolio development.
Complete four semesters, at 0.5 credits each, of MUSA 205/405 Applied Instrumental Lesson and Studio or Applied Vocal Lesson and Studio.
View MUSA course descriptions for list of available Ensemble courses.
Choose one of the following:
A study of the development of Western Classical music from antiquity through the 21st century. A concentrated study of musical style and literature, with an emphasis on the cultural context for musical performance and composition.
A study of various aspects and types of popular music in America, including jazz, blues, rock & roll, and hip hop. Emphasis will be placed on musical elements that define the genres and the artists who pioneered them. Includes creative work in these musical genres.
An introductory study of the music of a variety of world cultures, with emphasis on listening to, viewing, and understanding a broad selection of classical and folk musical styles from outside the Western classical tradition. In addition, concepts related to ethnodoxology, the study of music within the global Church, will be explored.
Complete the following:

Music (MUSI) and Theatre (THEA) course descriptions.