Photography Minor


The Photography Minor introduces students to a variety of tools and techniques relevant to establishing a successful practice in photography. Students will explore a variety of camera formats (analog and digital, 35mm and large format), lighting strategies, photographic editing methodologies and output procedures applicable to industry and museum standards.

Minor Requirements

18 credit hours

Complete the following:
This course is an introduction to industry-standard graphic design applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Additional course fee required.
This course offers an introduction to graphic design by combining studio work with classroom instruction. Fundamental components of the design process are incorporated to provide students with a robust experience in ideation, research execution, and presentation of projects. Advanced uses of Creative Suite, digital tools and other emerging software and technologies will be explored. Additional course fee required. Prerequisite: ARTD 110 Creative Suite.
Introduction to the materials, methods, and techniques used in photography. Additional course fee is required.
This seminar course will meet weekly to focus on theory, concepts and methodology of art historical study and their application by engaging students in discourse surrounding lectures of visiting professional artists. Investigations of film and writing will be a secondary approach to this course. Must be taken minimum 5 out of 8 semesters in students’ program. Satisfies: core major requirement. Additional course fee required.
Provides an opportunity for further development of skills and for the introduction of more advanced techniques. Additional course fee is required. Prerequisite: ARTS 230 Beginning Photography.
Focuses on the individual artistic development of students as they combine techniques and subject matter into a personal style of visual communication. Additional course fee is required. Prerequisite: ARTS 330 Intermediate Photography.
Choose one of the following:
This course focuses on the organization and preparation of a portfolio showcasing a student's creative work in preparation for employment in the field of design. Students will explore visual composition and organization, document assembly methods and various reproduction image management techniques. Computer photo editing and printing are used to create a paper and digital portfolio. Additional course fee is required. Prerequisites: Declared Art and Design major with Junior or Senior status, or by instructor permission.
In this course, students identify, research, and begin creating a body of work and written thesis in their studio area of interest. Emphasis is placed on strong technical and formal articulation in support of a compelling, developing thesis concept. Professional practices for the emergent studio practitioner will be examined and executed. Participation in the Professional Networking visiting practitioner program through studio visits and lectures is a key component of this course. Additional course fee is required. Prerequisite: Art and Design major and senior status, or instructor's permission.
The Senior Thesis II course represents the culmination of four years of study. Each student is expected to create a focused and in-depth body of studio work, which is developed through research and critical feedback with instructors and visiting practitioners. In recognition of the transition from student to artist this process represents, student will be working largely in a self-directed manner, in consultation with the Thesis Faculty. This work should reflect mature and independent decisions made regarding content and means of expression. Students work in their individual studio spaces. Additional course fee is required. Prerequisite: art major with senior status, or by permission.


Students must also choose one of the following options:

  • Participate in the George Fox Portfolio showcase: YLW
  • Submit artworks for juried George Fox Student Art Exhibition
  • Present a portfolio for review and petition for an alternate exhibition