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Become a Values-driven Leader

Explore how identity, worldview and mission shape both individuals and organizations – then apply it to your workplace. In a 21st-century society where mission drift is often the norm, discover how to lead a team or organization while keeping the mission at the center of all you do.

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What Will I Study?

  • The mentoring process and its application in the professional and community environments
  • Key principles of effective mentoring
  • The importance of mission, both personal and corporate, as well as the danger of mission drift
  • How to communicate an individual calling, both vocational and personal
  • How to analyze and compare the worldviews that influence one’s understanding of faith, ethics, justice and philosophy of work
  • How to construct, articulate, and define a personal worldview that responds to and gives meaning to the ultimate questions of life

Why Study Mission Advancement?

  • Pursue advanced learning to guide your leadership
  • Add an emphasis to an existing major of study
  • Highlight a specialization in your current or future occupation, and/or
  • Demonstrate higher-level learning in these areas to graduate schools


This course is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to investigate the mentoring process and its application in professional and personal settings. Participants will explore mentor qualities, relationships, skills, and best practices for those who mentor others. There will be a specific emphasis on mentoring in the workplace, as well as mentoring in avocational settings. Students will discuss, demonstrate and apply techniques and strategies that develop their mentoring skills.

In this course, students will discuss personal mission, individual calling, and the danger of mission drift at both a personal and corporate level. In considering the groundwork that undergirds a clear sense of mission, students will explore what it means to live lives that are self-aware and intentional, identifying the impact of moral systems, ethical codes, values, beliefs, and biases on both individual decision-making and cultural assumptions.

In this course, students will investigate concepts of worldview as it relates to personal identity, cultural assumptions, interpersonal communication, individual decision-making, and faith. Students will explore the roots of the Christian faith and the influence of Christianity on society, seeking to construct a personal worldview that informs their understanding of the meaning of life.

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Tuition for all online certificates costs $499 per credit hour. Each class is generally three credits. The total cost for the Certificate in Mission Advancement is $4,491 over a six-month period.

Payment plans are available. Financial aid is not available for certificates at this time.

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Leah Gomes

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