Clubs and Organizations

Fencing Club is one of the many ways to enjoy your free time at George Fox.

What are your interests? Skateboarding? Swing dancing? Politics? The outdoors? Whatever your answer, chances are we offer a club or organization that appeals to you.

George Fox’s Associated Student Community oversees groups that specialize in making your time here fun and unique. Here is a sampling of what we have offered in the past. For an up to date version of what's currently being offered, visit our clubs website for more information.

Note: Some clubs and activities may be limited in 2020-21 because of the pandemic.

  • Accounting
    Connects students with tutoring for accounting classes and provides sophomore-, junior- and senior-level accounting majors with opportunities to meet future employers.
  • Alpha Psi Omega
    Encourages creative collaboration between the theatre and other academic departments and gives students an outlet to integrate their faith with art.
  • There are many clubs that will get you outdoors with your friends.Pre-Medical Chapter of AMSA
    Connects premed students with resources that will help prepare them for medical school.
  • Business
    Motivates members to develop stronger communication and leadership skills in preparation for a business career.
  • College Republicans
    Promotes political awareness, political dialogue on campus, voter registration and involvement with local and national politics.
  • Car Club
    To promote the sport and hobby of owning, preserving, altering, building, and modifying vehicles of all makes, models, and eras.  
  • International
    Bridges cultural barriers by connecting international and American students.
  • Multicultural
    Gives students a chance to gather and share about who they are and where they come from.
  • Enjoy playing frisbee on the quad.Outdoor
    Creates a way for people to explore the wilderness of Oregon in community under Christ.
  • Philosophy
    Challenges students to apply their philosophical studies through acts of Christian service.
  • Psi Chi
    National Honor Society that promotes academic excellence in the field of psychology.
  • Quare Verum
    Dedicated to seeking the truth in all areas of life, tackling such topics as politics, theology, economics and culture.
  • Scientific Journal
    Provides opportunities for students to read and discuss current scientific literature and gain experience in giving informal presentations.
  • Sigma Zeta
    National Honor Society for science and math majors.
  • Skate Ministry
    Dedicated to sharing the love of Christ with the youth of the Newberg Skatepark on a weekly basis.
  • Black Student Union is one of many cultural clubs available to all students.Sociology/Social Work
    Provides activities for students interested in sociology and social work.
  • Spikeball Club
    To provide a space for all skilled levels, from beginners to experts, to join in community while playing spikeball.
  • Student Nurses Association
    Provides members an opportunity to pursue intellectual, educational, spiritual, and social activities related to professional nursing.
  • Swing
    Learn the art of swing dancing and help plan campus dances.
  • Young Democrats
    Promotes political dialogue on campus and involvement in local and national politics.
  • Young Life
    Young Life College is a weekly gathering of students from all grades who can come experience community and explore their faith in a small group setting.