Dane Joseph, PhD

Associate Professor of Education

Dane Joseph

Dane C. Joseph joined the College of Education in 2015. He holds a PhD in educational psychology with an emphasis in research, evaluation, and measurement, as well as an MA in philosophy from Washington State University. He has 15 years of college teaching experience in research methods and social statistics, and has advised dozens of education research studies.

Joseph's scholarship applies social, behavioral, and cognitive theory and research to understand and explain where, how, and why educational programs succeed or fail – and to subsequently find ways to improve them. He uses GLM and multivariate statistics as well as logic modeling and qualitative root cause analysis to accomplish these tasks. He is also interested in how data-driven leaders can improve people's analytical talents.

Joseph is a huge fan of comics such as Gary Larson's The Far Side, Randall Munroe's XKCD, and The Cartoon Introduction (to various subjects) series. In another life he would compose similar stories for a living – perhaps just not nearly as well.