Dane Joseph, PhD

Associate Professor of Education

Photo of Dane Joseph

Dane C Joseph joined the College of Education in 2015. He teaches courses in research methods and educational statistics, and uses his philosophy background to answer questions at the intersection of ethics, assessment, and epistemology.

His scholarship interests orbit the question of how we can use frameworks like Bayesianism and naturalistic decision making to overcome our epistemic limits when making ethical or regulatory judgments. His past projects have included validating the theoretical and empirical reasons for test-makers to randomize multiple choice test keys, as well as the types of guesses test-takers should make under uncertainty.

He has also explored protocols that research-ethics boards can use to circumvent vast quantities of information. In his "spare time" he can be found watching football (soccer) and shouting at the TV as to whether a VAR (video assistant referee) call was fair. He attends Salem Alliance Church with his wife, Morgan, and their two sons, Ira and Clarence.